#BNHAF Awards and Festival New York Edition

With 17 successful editions in India, USA, Austria, France, Maldives, UAE; #BNHAF is a hopping festival.

We want to conduct an edition in New York alongside the main 18th Edition.

What we offer: 
1. Mention of Venue and Venue Logo as Venue Partner on Event Poster
2. Mention of Venue and Venue Logo on the event poster shared in the Film Freeway and WFCN Photo gallery
3. Mention of Venue in all the Videos of the event
4. Mention of the venue on the event poster, videos shared on LinkedIn and other Social Media
5. Token of appreciation in the form of  a Gift to Founder / Owner of the venue from our sponsors Gem Mines
6. Mention of the venue in news-articles and press releases of the event

What we want:
1. Event space for 2 hours on Sunday April 28th, 2024 / 11.30 am to 1.00pm. 
2. There will be around 20 guests
3. Projector and wall /screen

Proposed Flow of Event
- Introduction by Amit R Agarwal (2 minutes)
- Address by Jesse Kinch (5 minutes)
- Address by Venue Owner (5 minutes)
- Address by Prasan Kumar (5 minutes)
- Address by Amit R Agarwal (2 minutes)
e-Book cover launch (2 minutes)
screening of children film (29 minutes)
Gifting to 5 people (5 minutes)
Wind-up + Pizza / coke arranged by #BNHAF (35 minutes)