About Popcorn Flicks

Films across genre and formats.
Established vertical - Awards, News, Fashion, Music
- to give the very best in entertainment and media industry worldwide
Indie-film production-house producing, distributing, marketing, films and content globally
Amit R Agarwal founded Popcorn Flicks (pf) on the concept of 'SMART filmmaking'
25 features, 100 shorts, young; pf screened films during Cannes,
film-festivals and as city-square screenings in Europe, Asia and Africa
Everybody is a filmmaker today; yet 93% films and content don't even reach 10,000 audiences
Forget recouping money, 99% films or content don't even get - Awards. Outreach. Visibility.
Popcorn Flicks gives the best possible Deliverables to Investor / Co-producer
Films and content pf founder Amit R Agarwal produced or is associated with won
multiple awards, international acclaim, accolades and standing ovation with screenings at

to produce or co-produce unconventional films and content since 2007

pf Success Rate 42%
Thumb-rule: biggest of studios have 30% success-rate
pf Experimentation
Virgin.. Mira India's 1st feature film shot on Full HD Handycam screened in cinemas
Virgin.. Mira premiered during the Cannes Film Festival 2011
pf Audiences
Spread over all continents and across countries

pf Repertoire
Films across genre and formats, blending creativity with commercial viability. Kids, comedy, women empowerment, impact-films, romance, dramas, docs, social, erotic, experimental, satire
pf Produces under Honey Kapoor Cinematic Universe
Honey Kapoor Cinematic Universe
Starting 2022 pf integrated all it's productions: features, shorts, fashion films in HKCU.
Built around fictional character, Honey Kapoor, played by Amit R Agarwal, HKCU produces and co-produces under three verticals
Cinema For Cause vertical
Films made CovidGo l Honey Kapoor Origins
The Real Pandemic l Garbage
Longest Running Webseries In The World (103 years) 2018-2020-2121
69 Opposites Attract and Amit R Agarwal part of PhD dissertation
Faculty of Law, UNSW, Sydney, Australia on 'Study of Film Censorship'
launched this reboot of the feature film, 69 Opposites Attract (2010)
Each participant works in
One completed Feature Film Anthology