About Popcorn Flicks

Popcorn Flicks pf is a film production-house based in India producing and distributing path-breaking content
The founder, Amit R Agarwal innovated the concept of 'smart filmmaking' with Popcorn Flicks
Everybody is a filmmaker today, yet, 93% of films and filmed content don't even find 10,000 audiences. Forget the fancy reels, it really is about the awards, outreach, visibility; the complete package a film or filmed content gives to any investor or co-producer
Popcorn Flicks produced films and content or films and content written by the founder, Amit R Agarwal; won international acclaim and fame, with screenings and streaming at Cinemas and Multiplexes
    • Legendary Cinemas like Village East Cinemas, New York, USA  
    • Commercial multiplexes like Silvercity, Dehradun, India 
    • Conventional single-screen cinemas like Shiela, Dhampur, India
  • Open-Air screenings at city-squares: Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany and Maldives
  • National Broadcast Channels - Sony, Zee, B4U, Doordarshan
  • Roku Channels and OTT's
led pf to create ground-breaking unconventional content since 2007
Popcorn Flicks produces or co-produces six films each year across formats
and genre, blending creativity, commercial viability, entertainment and salability
Popcorn Flicks seamlessly integrates proven verticals
Production, Distribution l News Portal, PR l Awards and Festival l Talent Platform

pf Repertoire. Films, webseries, TV, shorts, music-videos, fashion films in dynamic varied genre: Comedy,
women empowerment, impact mission, kids, romance, dramas, social, political, erotic, experimental, satire
Covid-19 pandemic made Agarwal introspect. This introspection made Agarwal utilize the power of
cinema to bring a positive change to the society with Cinema For Cause films CovidGo l Honey Kapoor Origins
The Longest Running Webseries In The World (103 years) 2018-2020-2121
  • Hollywood star Dominique Swain launched the reboot of the feature film, "69 Opposites Attract" (2010)
  • 69 Opposites Attract and Amit R Agarwal are part of Doctoral Thesis approved by Faculty of Law, UNSW, Sydney, Australia on 'Study of Film Censorship'
69 Opposites Attract a hugely experimental mix-format webseries, made under the genre 'Bad-Art Experimental Intimate Satire'. Agarwal, one of the first Intimacy Directors in Asia, often uses it as a case-study to explain good intimacy and bad intimacy in cinema masterclasses and film-schools worldwide. Season 1 premiered December 24, 2020 l Season 2 premiered April 24, 2021 l Season 3 premiered August 15, 2022
Impact and Success
  • Cinema For Cause films, CovidGo motivated audiences from US, France, Australia, Peru, Philippines, Ghana, etc., take covid-vaccine shot
  • Film 1 in Honey Kapoor hexalogy influenced audiences to seek help for mental health issues and helped a model and an actress to overcome her suicidal tendencies