About Us, Origin & Profile

Popcorn Flicks adapts James Cameron's now famous take on film-making. We are India's only production-house that has made films in all budgets, formats, genre; from guerrilla feature films to conventional feature films & filmed content. Amit R Agarwal, Lord Baden-Powell National Award winning filmmaker, is the founder & COO of Popcorn Flicks. He is the only film-maker from India to have co-directed films for the second biggest film industry in the world, Nollywood.

Agarwal has been invited as Guest of Honor to Producers' Network, Marche du Film ONLINE 2020, Festival de Cannes. He believes in innovation and smart filmmaking. This innovation led to the formation of Popcorn Flicks. Popcorn Flicks originated from the thought that filmed content should be a blend of creativity, commercial viability, entertainment and salability; this led us to create path-breaking unconventional content since 2007. 
Covid-19 pandemic made Agarwal do an introspection and retrospection. He realized that cinema is a very powerful tool to bring a change to the society, this thought made Popcorn Flicks launch Cinema For Cause vertical. The Impact-Mission films made under these are CovidGo, world's 1st covid vaccine film featuring real-life doctors, the success of this film is that it impacted and motivated a lot many people to take covid vaccine, not only in India, but UK & worldwide, as well. Honey Kapoor ~ YoLo, is Asia-Africa's 1st mental health awareness feature film, also the 1st India-Kyrgyzstan feature film and world's 1st remote-filmed feature film. It brings to fore the much neglected cause, because a sound mental health is very important for the people to be happy and only happy people can give back to the society and make the world a better place to live in. 
Popcorn Flicks primarily works under two verticals, a non-commercial vertical Cinema For Cause and a commercial vertical, 69 Opposites Attract. 69 Opposites Attract and Amit R Agarwal, are part of Doctoral Thesis approved by UNSW, Sydney, Australia.
Our feature films, 69 Opposites Attract, Smile, I Am A Love Addict, Marriage Mantra, Virgin.. Mira, kSutra, Mast Curry, Kalpana, Nude Yoga, Girl With No Tatoo, SeductreX and Happiness Yoga drew varied degree of international applause & fame. Our films & filmed content screened at cinemas (including the legendary, Village East Cinemas, New York) and OTT's worldwide to an audience spanning countries and continents illustrated in the Pie chart (top-12 countries for 2021).
In 2010, we made Indian Film Industry independent in essence with 69 Opposites Attract, India's first feature film to release exclusively ONLINE on various platforms including rajshri.com (digital platform of one of the biggest film studios & film producers in India) and US based, openfilm.com. With it's narrative style akin to Michael Moore's, Sicko; 69 Opposites Attract  won laurels and gained 'cult' status worldwide. It is world's first feature film to be rebooted as webseries, launched at a glittering ceremony of a film festival in November 2016 by Hollywood star - Dominique Swain. The reboot, "69 Opposites Attract" is the Longest Running Webseries In The World, with the Prelude and 1000 seasons, running for 103 years - 2018-2020-2121. Each season has 15 episodes; while the prelude has 33 episodes, streaming from December 24, 2018, it has already clicked 50 million views on Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and other social media platforms. Season 1 launched on December 24, 2020 and Season 2 on April 24, 2021 on various OTT's worldwide on TVOD, pay-per-view model.
Popcorn Flicks quest for experimentation resulted in the films being exhibited over unconventional distribution platforms. Virgin... Mira premiered on 11.05.11 in Cannes to a select audience on the sidelines of Cannes Film Festival 2011 to an overwhelming response. Virgin.. Mira, was India's 1st feature film to be shot on Full HD Handycam, screened on a regular cinema-screens, introducing yet another innovation to the world of cinema.

Popcorn Flicks is currently developing and setting-up feature films & varied filmed content, with film studios as well as independent producers. As stated, we have made filmed content across genre and formats, feature films, television serials, webseries, magazine formats, fashion films, music videos, TVC's, AV's, corporate films, ad-films, commercials, model profiles.