About Popcorn Flicks

Award-winning filmmaker Amit R Agarwal is the founder of Popcorn Flicks

Agarwal innovated the concept of 'smart filmmaking' with the launch of Popcorn Flicks
 Our idea. Films and content should blend creativity, commercial viability, entertainment and salability
led us to create ground-breaking unconventional content since 2007
Our belief. Film is considered successful only when it realizes it's optimal potential
Our Repertoire. Films, webseries, television, shorts, music-videos, fashion films in dynamic varied genre: Comedy, women empowerment, impact mission, kids, romance, dramas, social, political, erotic, experimental, satire. Feature films, television, shows, and webseries produced by Popcorn Flicks won international acclaim and fame, with screenings and streaming:
  • Cinemas 
    • Legendary Cinemas like Village East Cinemas, New York, USA  
    • Commercial multiplexes like Silvercity, Dehradun, India 
  • Open-Air city square screenings in Italy, France, Switzerland and Maldives.
  • TV channels - Sony, Zee, B4U, Doordarshan
  • Roku Channels
  • OTT's
Cinema For Cause vertical: Covid-19 pandemic made Agarwal introspect and retrospect. He realized the power of cinema to bring a positive change to the society. The Impact-Mission films made are 
  1. CovidGo - World's 1st covid vaccine film featuring real-life doctors
  2. Honey Kapoor Origins - World's 1st Remote Filmed Hybrid feature film, also, Asia-Africa's 1st Mental Health Awareness feature film. The film is part of "Honey Kapoor" hexalogy.

69 Opposites Attract vertical: Made under the badart-experimental genre, 69 Opposites Attract made Indian Film industry independent in essence in 2010. Hollywood star Dominique Swain launched the reboot of the feature film 69 Opposites Attract (2010) in November 2016 - it is the Longest Running Webseries In The World. 69 Opposites Attract seasons did more than 100 million views across social media platforms, the seasons were picked up by OTT's and Roku channels.
  • Season 1 premiered on December 24, 2020
  • Season 2 premiered on April 24, 2021
  • Season 3 premiered on August 15, 2022

The audiences of Popcorn Flicks produced films & content are spread across countries and continents,
with an audience size of around one billion across the world. Our experimentation in creativity extends from screenwriting to filming and distribution. Virgin.. Mira premiered on the fringes of Cannes Film Festival 2011 on 11.05.11 to a select audience garnering overwhelming response. Virgin.. Mira was India's 1st feature film shot on Full HD Handycam screened in commercial cinemas. Popcorn Flicks produces or co-produces six films each year - across formats and genre - forging creative-synergies with top studios as well as independent producers.