James Cameron's famous quote 

Pick up a camera. Shoot something. No matter how small, no matter how cheesy!
No matter whether your friends and your sister star in it. 
Put your name on it as director. Now you're a director!
Everything after that you're just negotiating your budget and your fee.

About Us

popcorn flicks is India's only production-house that makes guerrilla films, other than conventional films. The guerrilla film arm of popcorn flicks is called indie n DOGMA flicks
Hollywood actress, Dominique Swain launches the webseries version of 69 Opposites Attract
Registered with India's premier film producers body; popcorn flicks, with a rich experience of almost a decade, specialize in creating path-breaking unconventional content other than the conventional content.

popcorn flicks quest for experimentation resulted in its content being exhibited over varied unconventional distribution platforms.

In 2010, indie n DOGMA flicks redefined Bollywood by making it independent in essence with 69 OPPOSITES ATTRACT, India's first film to release exclusively ONLINE on the prestigious and US based

Amit R Agarwal, award-winning filmmaker, is the COO of popcorn flicks. He is the only film-maker from India to have directed films for the second biggest film industry in the world, Nollywood.


popcorn flicks originated from the basic thought that films should be a blend of creativity and entertainment. This thought led us to make 69 Opposites Attract & Virgin.. Mira. 69 Opposites Attract was shot in guerrilla style, with narrative styled on the lines of Michael Moore's, Sicko. The film won laurels internationally; it is now being released worldwide, rightly as the Biggest Webseries in the world.

69 Opposites Attract, one of the fastest growing film-content ONLINE seen across 7 continents, 150 countries and major film-festivals!

It was rated as the -
- Top Favorite (entertainment) India for 6 weeks in a row!
- Most Viewed (entertainment) India for 4 weeks in a row!

In 2011, we devised Dogme' 10 and produced world's first Dogme' 10 feature film shot on Full HD Handycam, Virgin... Mira

Virgin... Mira is India's first feature film shot on Full HD Handycam and screened on a regular cinema-screen; thereby introducing yet another innovation to Indian cinema!

Virgin... Mira premiered on 11.05.11 during the Cannes Film Festival, 2011 to an overwhelming response.

Over the years popcorn flicks has also started training Film Professionals across the world to create path-breaking, socially relevant filmed content.


To create & produce films that entertain as well as are box-office hits (commercially successful)

Film-making is undergoing a sea-change, today a films' business is not just region-specific, if marketed in the right manner, each film has an audience! To achieve this we are forging global synergies with talent, creatives and crew worldwide. We have been invited by various film-commissions across the world to film in their country. In fact, we have introduced many hitherto unknown destinations across the world to the Indian Film Industry, prompting other film-makers to shoot in the various countries and give a boost to the countries economy. 

Our COO and Creative Director, Amit R Agarwal, is a visionary. He envisioned in 2004 that films can be shot & released digitally; proved by a top Indian producer in 2010 with an Indian film, LSD, a roaring hit!  He now envisions that with 90% of films flopping; ONLINE release will be the trend in India. This will happen the day internet connectivity improves in India.

Here is an interview on the future of Indian Cinema, published in one of the most reputed trade-journals in India.



To forge creative-synergies in World Cinema.

We want to explore the possibilities of making cinema that sells, entertains and is a viable business proposition.


To facilitate new entrants – investors, actors, writers, directors, musicians and people interested to make cinema – to make cinema!


popcorn flicks has made filmed content in varied format, adding the right punch to entertainment and infotainment.

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# Television serials and series: fiction, magazine and musical

# Music videos

# Ad-films and Commercials

# Corporate films

# AV's

Film Festivals & Markets

Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival
BFI Film Festival
Cannes Film Festival
New York Film Festival
Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles

International Film Festival of India, Goa
American Film Market
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International Film Festival of India, Goa
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International Film Festival of India, Goa
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International Film Festival of India, Goa
Films By The Sea Film Festival, Netherlands
Cannes Film Festival

International Film Festival of India, Goa
Cannes Film Festival

International Film Festival of India, Goa
New York International Independent Film Festival
- Opening Film
- Official Selection


- Best Director Award from Subhash Ghai.

- Best Film Award from Subhash Ghai.

- Best New Talent Award from former Governor of U.P., Shri Romesh Bhandari.

- Outstanding Student of the Academy Award from Dr. Bhishma Narain Singh.

- Gaurav Samman for best film-maker from Uttar Pradesh, INDIA.


Film Services

Our new endeavor 'Film Services' is to help felicitate film-makers worldwide to help realize their dream - to make their films!
Film Services or Film Consultancy is used by producers worldwide to ensure that the money they are investing in a film gets the best and most optimal value! Reputed Film Consultants are much sought after and are greatly instrumental in a film's success!