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Profile - About Us & Origin

popcorn flicks is India's only production-house that makes guerrilla films, other than conventional films. popcorn flicks originated from the basic thought that filmed content should be a blend of creativity and entertainment. This thought led us to make 69 Opposites Attract & Virgin.. Mira.

69 Opposites Attract was shot in guerrilla style, with narrative styled on the lines of Michael Moore's, Sicko. The film won laurels internationally; it is now being remade as world's biggest webseries with 600 webisodes to be screened over a period of 6 years. The film reboot+webseries was launched in November 2016, by Hollywood actress Dominique Swain.

Registered with India's premier film producers body; popcorn flicks, with a rich experience of almost a decade, specialize in creating path-breaking unconventional content other than the conventional content. 

popcorn flicks quest for experimentation resulted in its content being exhibited over varied unconventional distribution platforms. In 2010, we made Bollywood independent in essence with 69 Opposites Attract, India's first film to release exclusively ONLINE on and US based

69 Opposites Attract was rated in 2010 as -
- Top Favorite (entertainment) India for 6 weeks in a row!
- Most Viewed (entertainment) India for 4 weeks in a row!

It was the fastest growing feature film ONLINE, viewed across 7 continents, 150 countries and major film-festivals.

In 2011, we devised Dogme' 10 and produced world's first Dogme' 10 feature film shot on Full HD Handycam, Virgin... Mira. The film was screened on a regular cinema-screen; thereby introducing yet another innovation to World cinema!

Virgin... Mira premiered on 11.05.11 during the Cannes Film Festival, 2011 to an overwhelming response.

Over the years popcorn flicks has also started training Film Professionals across the world to create path-breaking, socially relevant filmed content.

Amit R Agarwal, award-winning filmmaker, is the COO of popcorn flicks. He is the only film-maker from India to have directed films for the second biggest film industry in the world, Nollywood.

popcorn flicks has made filmed content in varied format, adding the right punch to entertainment and infotainment - #Feature films #Television serials and series: fiction, magazine and musical #Music videos #Ad-films and Commercials # Corporate films # AV's

Vision & Objective

Future of Indian Cinema as told by Amit R Agarwal
popcorn flicks wants to explore the possibilities of making cinema that sells, entertains and is a viable business proposition; with the potential to become box-office blockbusters.

We want to forge creative-synergies in World Cinema; today a films' business is not just region-specific, if marketed in the right manner, it has an audience worldwide! To achieve this we are forging synergies with talent, creatives and crew.

Our forte is facilitating new entrants – investors, actors, writers, directors, musicians and people interested to make cinema – to make cinema!

We have been invited by various film-commissions across the world to film in their country. In fact, we have introduced many hitherto unknown destinations across the world to the Indian Film Industry, prompting other film-makers to shoot in the various countries and give a boost to the countries economy. 

Our COO, Amit R Agarwal, is a visionary. He envisioned in 2004 that films can be shot & released digitally; proved by a top Indian producer in 2010 with an Indian film, LSD, a roaring hit!  He now envisions that with 90% of films flopping; ONLINE release will be the trend in India. This will happen the day internet connectivity improves in India.

Film Festivals & Markets

Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival
BFI Film Festival
Cannes Film Festival
New York Film Festival
Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles

International Film Festival of India, Goa
American Film Market
Cannes Film Festival
Locarno Film Festival

International Film Festival of India, Goa
American Film Market
London Film Festival
Cannes Film Festival

International Film Festival of India, Goa
Cannes Film Festival
Berlin Film Festival

International Film Festival of India, Goa
Films By The Sea Film Festival, Netherlands
Cannes Film Festival

International Film Festival of India, Goa
Cannes Film Festival

International Film Festival of India, Goa
New York International Independent Film Festival
- Opening Film
- Official Selection


- Best Director Award from Subhash Ghai.

- Best Film Award from Subhash Ghai.

- Best New Talent Award from former Governor of U.P., Shri Romesh Bhandari.

- Outstanding Student of the Academy Award from Dr. Bhishma Narain Singh.

- Gaurav Samman for best film-maker from Uttar Pradesh, from IP College, Ghaziabad, INDIA.


Film Services

Our new endeavor 'Film Services' is to help felicitate film-makers worldwide to help realize their dream - to make their films!
Film Services or Film Consultancy is used by producers worldwide to ensure that the money they are investing in a film gets the best and most optimal value! Reputed Film Consultants are much sought after and are greatly instrumental in a film's success!

Invest with popcorn flicks

Why invest with popcorn flicks?

For the simple reason of DELIVERANCE! We provide investors 'real value for money' and take care of their interests.

Guarantee of Completion Statistics reveal that only 20% of the films started ever get completed and only 10% of the films ever get released in cinema-halls.

The article in The Hindustan Times a leading national daily in India reveals how films starring A-list superstars are stuck, resulting in heavy losses. 

A report says that each year, 1000 films Hindi films are started, only 400 get completed and out of these only 100 to 120 films get a commercial theatrical release.

In simple words only 10% films make to cinema-halls.

How does one break this bottle-neck?

We guarantee completion; and due to our network in the Indian Film Industry, we guarantee a release too!

In nutshell, we safeguard two prime concerns of any INVESTOR worldwide

Completion of film
Release of film

A lot of investors ask, "what is the business projection of the movie?"
21 times is the answer a lot of film-makers give.

The next query is, "is there a guarantee?"
No real filmmaker gives a guarantee! (Fake ones that give, often result in heavy losses for investors)

Fact is there are absolutely no guarantees for any business, let alone, film business. William Goldman, famously commented about the impossibility of accurately predicting a film's performance before its release, "Nobody knows anything."

What investors need to understand is:
- Projections are earning potential. Projections are not guarantees.
- should be clear that there is a risk of recouping the investment, let alone turning a profit
- can afford the loss and is/are prepared for it

To cut down the risk & limit the losses of investors, if any, popcorn flicks has introduced, Minimal Risk Model, for those who want to invest in the Film Industry worldwide, but want to limit their losses to a pre-decided amount, because entertainment industry, though a booming business, is a risky proposition. Minimal Risk Investment Model is a relatively safer way to invest.

For those who still want to test the film business, with a real nominal amount, crowd funding is the best option. It is a collective cooperation, where people network and pool their money and/or resources together, to make a film or filmed content. popcorn flicks gives you a chance to be a part of the film industry for as low as INR 5lacs (equivalent to the cost you spend for a coffee with two friends, for a year with no real productive output).

popcorn flicks, other than completion & release, of film or filmed content; also gives the investor following benefits.

India's 1st film to release ONLINE
Previous Track Record
We have a proven track record of consistently making guerrilla feature films, marketing them and taking them to prestigious film festivals.

We made Indian Film Industry independent in essence with our guerrilla feature film; 69 OPPOSITES ATTRACT; India’s 1st film to release exclusively ONLINE. It was released through various websites including

It was one of the fastest growing contents ONLINE
The film was seen across 7 continents in 150 countries and was one of the most viewed and popular films for 6 weeks in a row on from India.

The film is also India’s 1st guerrilla film to premier at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival under Marche du Film section.

Successful screenings We have had screenings of our films & filmed content at prestigious film festivals and film markets in India, US and Europe.

Value for money No other production-house can give manifold benefits in a modest budget.

No cost over-runs No haggling regarding increase or escalation in budget.

Forge further tie-ups and alliances

Long term association We want to forge a long term association with all our investors and are definitely not looking for just one-off film.

For investments contact us with these details

Company website:
Contact - mobile / email:
Present city & country:
Investment Amount:
Reason for investing:

In Film Advertising OR Brand Endorsements

In Film Advertising or Brand Endorsements / Product Placements means that a brand or a product or services are advertised in a film or filmed content as an integral narrative to the story. It is very common in film industries worldwide.

Brand Endorsements - a very potent tool
Here's an article which details the effectiveness and importance of Brand Endorsements or Product Placements or In Film Advertising, as potent advertising tools.

The question: Are the Brands judiciously treated?
popcorn flicks makes sure that a Brand seamlessly merges with the narrative of film or filmed content. We treat each Brand with utmost sensitivity, augmenting the Brands' appeal and reach to the prospective consumers, thereby giving the Brands' the best value for money spent.

popcorn flicks has already used various Brands in films & filmed content ranging from a music video centered around a Shopping Mall (a prominent builder is the promoter of this shopping mall) to a scene in a feature film that features a Condom Brand and fits beautifully in the narrative of the film. (These videos are available for viewing).

popcorn flicks introduces Branded Films: a step ahead of Brand Endorsements.

Make a film centered around your Brand, in a mere cost addition of, 20% to 25% of your budget; the benefits are manifolds!

This concept is very popular in the west, with Brands commissioning or producing films centered around their brand. The entire script will be such that it focuses on your brand. If you don't have a budget for feature film, we can discuss formats: Short Films, Music-Videos, Viral-Campaigns, Public Service Spots.

Cost-effective solutions of Brand Endorsements / Product Placement are available across varied release and marketing platforms; contact us with your needs and your budget; popcorn flicks creative team will customize.


ICE is an initiative of award-winning filmmaker Amit R Agarwal. What is ICE?

The entire world is a stage and we are mere puppets; this famous quote implies that each individual on this earth is an artist. However, many artists are lost because the individuals need money to lead a happy life; thus these individuals become ‘professionals’ in other areas, opting for a relatively financially secure life, foregoing their artistic ambitions.

ICE wants to give such professionals a chance to realize their artistic & creative ambitions – be it actor, model, filmmakers, singers, musicians, writers, cinematographer’s, art-director’s – any area related to films or filmed content.

With the advent of digital technique in film-making, realizing your artistic & creative ambitions at any age is possible. The major block is to get a lead into the entertainment industry - even if it's a 1 minute film?

ICE helps an individual to break into the entertainment industry across formats – films, television, webseries. ICE means Invest, Create, Entertain and is for those dynamic individuals or industry professionals that want to enter film industry N O W!

ICE is unique, because it delivers the end-product – a completed film, TV series, webseries with true value addition & optimal visibility to any filmed content. All you need is a burning desire to make yourself visible in the entertainment industry.

ICE has established contacts in global film-industry; it is a one-stop solution for films & filmed content (training to grooming to producing to releasing to representation at Film Festivals to image building to Artist Management). If an individual is untrained, ICE takes care of it, we have tie-ups with prominent Film Schools Worldwide to conduct Master Classes & Programs covering all the phases of film-making right from scratch to a completed film. These film-schools offer degree, diploma, certificates and are usually of the duration from a mere 2 weeks to 4 years. Customized course of your choice, at a film school of your choice is available.

ICE is ideal for film-professionals and students of cinema, that want to make a film by investing their own money and want to be their own boss; ICE helps you realize your vision. The idea is to safeguard the individuals that invest but end up wasting their investments, because they lack knowledge, statistics reveal, 99% of such investments go waste. Investment depends on 1. filmed content you want 2. publicity you want 3. exposure you look at and 4. film-release you want.