Film Consultancy

#BNHAF Film Consultancy
Popcorn Flicks uses it's vertical #BNHAF to provide consultancy
to producers, investors, actors & film-professionals
Help film-fraternity realize their film-making goal in cost-effective manner
Guide film-makers to put the money where necessary and be
those 10% of filmmakers in the world that make a second film
Indie-filmmakers ought to save money to make their next film
Representing films for funding & sales at various film festivals & film markets
pf uses logic and stats of film-buiness in it's consultancy
Our Expertise in 3-Points
  1. Help filmmakers save money by forging alliances and 3rd party tie-ups
  2. Deliver a film in the most cost-effective manner. Market it. Release it.
  3. Help deserving films, cast and crew win awards
Logic is simple, anyone in the industry makes a film to
  1. Make More Films
  2. Win Awards
  3. Enhance Profile to get More Work
  4. Make Money by selling the Film
No one can guarantee 'the film will make money' or 'sales of a film'
But #BNHAF Consultancy does guarantee with it's established and
proven vertical showcased in the pictorial underneath to make sure
A film-maker make more films l Win awards l Enhance profile to get more work
FREE TIP to all
pf puts on record, no expert can guarantee a hit
Money can be saved though, by experience
Agarwal has met many film-makers, 1st-timers as well as experienced
Some having 2-decades+ experience that have burnt money, making a film
Be sure about making a film with this 2-minutes '3-questions Test'
  1. How will your film stand-out; will you win Awards
  2. If not winning awards, are you covering any of the Top-10 film-festival circuit: Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, Sundance, Venice, Rome, Locarno, BFI, Busan
  3. If your film is above US$100,000 do you have a studio tie-up
If answer to any 'one' is NO; DON'T make the film
You might have saved your precious money by taking this 2-minute test
Agarwal has read scripts for top-producers
These producers come from all over the world
 Advised them whether to go ahead with the script at all
Thereby saving their money even before pre-production!
pf is clear that a film is considered successful when it realizes it's full potential
With an established and proven vertical we help a film realize this potential
Film Festivals and Film Markets
Any filmmaker or actor can go to a film festival or a film market
Do the people that matter even talk to them
Reason filmmakers and actors worldwide
Seek film market and festival consultants

Talent: Actors and Models
Aishwarya Rai's unparalleled success at Cannes
Motivated many Indians to attend Cannes Film Festival
After spending a bomb, all they get is 15-minutes of fame through paid-media
 pf gives a complete package of awards, speaking opportunity,
news-articles together with attending Cannes Film Festival 
Representation of films
Most producers finish money by the time they complete their film
Interestingly, each stage of film-making costs money to find money
Pre-Production stage Investors, Co-producers, Funders
Production stage Pre-sales, Co-producers
Completion stage Buyers, do film-festival circuit, distribution and release
pf services these gaps with cost-effective solutions
Consultancy and services for Film-Fraternity
Film-makers, Actors, Actresses, Models & Film Students
  • Actors and Models attend Cannes Film Festival with a guided tour
  • Script Doctoring, Gap-financing and Funding
  • International co-productions
  • Designing film-projects: Attaching international cast & crew including A-listers
  • Representing films globally at both the film festivals and film markets
  • Marketing & sales of films – India & worldwide
  • Content Distribution
  • Line Production
  • Casting and PR
  • Talent Grooming and Talent Representation
  • Designing film-courses & film-workshops as per requirement