Film Services

Film Services are used by investors, producers & film-professionals worldwide to ensure that the money they invest or the work they do in a film, gets optimal value & best results. Amit R Agarwal took the initiative to help film fraternity worldwide to realize their film-making goals in the most cost-effective manner, cutting risks and possibly give that elusive, hit or blockbuster film.
Representing films for funding & sales at various film festivals & film markets

Agarwal has met many film-makers, experienced as well as first-timers, some having more than two decades of experience; who have burnt money, making a film. Our objective is to guide the film-professionals in the best possible manner through our film services & film consultancy.

As film consultants, our network with established producers, film-makers, distributors, sales-agents, exhibitors & marketing companies, ensure we give the best possible feedback to producers on the pre-production stage itself, so that if there are any apparent shortcomings in the film-project, they can be rectified.

Of course, no one can guarantee a hit, but yes, precious money can be saved by our expertise on how to make a film in the most cost-effective manner, sell it, market it & release it; to it's optimal potential.

Representing films for funding, marketing & sales of films worldwide

Today more than making a film, the struggle is to sell the film. Most producers finish their funds by the time they complete the principal photography of the film. It is very tough and costly for them to go about finding buyers for their film, because finding buyers for a film also costs money!

Here is where our services come in picture; with our developed contacts & expertise in the film-market, we offer most cost-effective solutions to the producers worldwide, by not only attaching funds, but also, marketing & representing the film for sales, at international film festivals & markets.

Services for Indian Film-makers, Actors, Actresses, Models & Film Students

1.   Script Doctoring

2.   International Co-productions 

3.   Designing of film-projects

4.   Attaching & Networking with international talent & crew including A-listers

5.   Gap-funding 

6.   Crowd funding 

7.   Representing films - at the film-festivals, film-markets – Indian & International

8.   Marketing & sales of films – India & worldwide

9.   General Consultancy on film-making

10. Requisite Clearances

11. Line Production

12. Designing film-courses & film-workshops as per your requirement

13. Casting solution

14. Talent Representation (including PR)

15.  Grooming

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