Film Services

Film Services
Used by investors, producers, actors & film-professionals
Ensures money invested gets their film optimal visibility, value and results
Help a filmmaker to be among those 10% filmmakers that make a second film
Guide film-professionals in the best possible manner
Representing films for funding & sales at various film festivals & film markets
Amit R Agarwal and Popcorn Flicks
help the film fraternity to realize their goals in the most cost-effective manner
Agarwal has met many film-makers, first-timers as well as experienced,
some having more than two decades of experience that have burnt money, making a film
Popcorn Flicks with an established network
Ensures best feedback to producers on pre-production stage
To rectify any apparent shortcomings in a film-project
Agarwal has read scripts for top-producers
Advised them whether to go with a film or not
These filmmakers come from all over the world: India, USA, United Kingdom,
South Africa, Australia, Philippines, Italy, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan
Popcorn Flicks is clear that a film is considered successful only when it realizes it's optimal potential. 
Popcorn Flicks puts on record
No expert can guarantee a hit. Money can be saved by experience, though!
Save money. If you want to make your next film 
Film Festivals and Film Markets
Any filmmaker or actor can go with a film to a film festival or a film market
Do the people that matter even talk to them?
Reason filmmakers and actors worldwide seek film market and festival consultants

Aishwarya Rai's unparalleled success at Cannes Film Festival
Motivated many Indians to attend the Cannes Film Festival
With more than 6,000 actors at Cannes, making a mark is quite a task
Representation of films: funding. marketing. sales
Most producers finish funds by the time they complete their film
It costs money to find investors, co-producers, buyers; attend film-festivals
It is both costly and time-consuming for producers to find Distribution and Release
Popcorn Flicks Film Services fills the above gaps
Get the most cost-effective Film Services solutions worldwide
Our Expertise Deliver a film in the most cost-effective manner. Market it. Release it.
Help deserving films win awards, helped many filmmakers save lot of money
Services for Film-makers, Actors, Actresses, Models & Film Students
  • For Actors and Models - star in a film during Cannes at the same cost spent on attending it
  • Script Doctoring
  • International co-productions
  • Designing film-projects: Attaching international cast & crew including A-listers
  • Gap-financing
  • Funding 
  • Representing films globally at both the film festivals and film markets
  • Marketing & sales of films – India & worldwide
  • Content Distribution
  • General Consultancy on film-making
  • Requisite Clearances
  • Line Production
  • Designing film-courses & film-workshops as per requirement
  • Casting
  • Talent Representation (including PR)
  • Grooming
pf produces films for fellow filmmakers & aspiring actors worldwide Get Details
Anyone making use of Popcorn Flicks Film Services gets
free entry to any one edition of #BNHAF Awards and Festival