Cinema For Cause Vertical

Covid-19 pandemic made Amit R Agarwal, introspect
Agarwal utilised the 'power of cinema' to bring a
positive change to the society with 'Cinema For Cause'

Impact-Mission feature-films and content made under Cinema For Cause
World's 1st covid vaccine film featuring real-life doctors

Success of CovidGo
Motivated many people worldwide to take covid-vaccine shot

CovidGo team invited by various business schools and K-12 schools
to talk on the importance and impact of making 'Cinema for Cause' films

  • CovidGo premiered on March 24, 2021 to unanimous laurels
  • Official Selection at film festivals worldwide
CovidGo got this citation from Unified Filmmakers Media Library, Germany
  • CovidGo is part of Unified Filmmakers' Media Library, Germany, for life
  • CovidGo is part of film-schools across the world
Honey Kapoor Origins
Asia-Africa's 1st mental-health awareness l Suicide-prevention feature-film
Addressed the most neglected health-issue worldwide, mental-health
1st feature-film in Honey Kapoor hexalogy
World's 1st remote-filmed feature film
HKO addresses suicide-prevention as well

Honey Kapoor Cinematic Universe #HKCU is specifically developed
To address issues, trivial to many, still big enough to affect mental-health
Success of Honey Kapoor Origins is that people across continents wrote emails
Mentioning the way HKO helped them to seek help for mental-health issues
HKO made everyone at Popcorn Flicks proud because
Honey Kapoor Origins won Karmaveer Chakra Award
instituted by iCONGO partnered with the United Nations

Former President of India late A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was the awards' Brand Ambassador
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