Cinema_For_Cause - CoVidGo - world's 1st corona vaccine film

CoVidGo world's 1st covid vaccine film, released on March 24, 2021. Official selection at Lift-Off Sessions film festival, UK - 2021 and part of Unified Filmmakers Media Library, Germany. Covidgo's high resolution version is available on pay-per-view on OTT's worldwide; just to ensure that each artist gets to see this very important film, we've put this low-resolution version on Popcorn Flicks website for free streaming, enjoy!

Popcorn Flicks thanks all it's associates that enabled us to create ground-breaking cinema & content worldwide. We are one of the very few production-houses to have made films & content in all formats, budget & genre!

CovidGo is a small yet very important film, as it celebrates artists worldwide that created art maintaining their sanity during these very tough times of corona pandemic. Beautifully, yet subtly, highlighted in the subtext; there are portions, absolutely silent, where the characters are tense. In the portions where characters ease up, start getting back to life; we hear the usual humdrum of life - paralleling the life of most of the people worldwide, during the lockdown of Covid-19. CoVidGo won laurels worldwide.