Film / Content Details to Cast and Crew

To ensure cast and crew understands the mood and flavor of the film, here is the moodboard from portions of the film already shot and made into shorts, reels and other allied content. If need be, we often make scratch-films as well.

Indie-producers ought to save each dollar, euro, pound or rupee as the case may be, so before auditioning you or meeting you, here the relevant details in fine print.

Jokes apart, time is precious, so meet only with people that match energies.

Post-pandemic, making a film is vey easy; but selling a film or making an impact with any content is very tough, Amit R Agarwal primarily makes cinema for cause films with focus on mental health. The concept feature-film was bestowed with Karmaveer Chakra Award partnered with the United Nations in 2022.

Idea / Plot
Honey Kapoor (played by Amit R Agarwal) is the indie-film superstar from the Indian-subcontinent. Post-pandemic with radical shift in the movie and art industry worldwide, he finds his films flopping and super-stardom slipping away. He suffers mental health issues. His friends worldwide help him to regain his superstardom by helping him make world's 1st remote-filmed feature film.

He is introduced to the world of spirituality and astrology by his dear friend, now a famous Hollywood-based Indian astrologer, Uma. She asks him to rename all his female leads and parallel-leads Uma or Laila. 

Honey does so and finds that after a long time his film made money and won him awards too with huge appreciation at Cannes Film Festival. 

He is especially lauded for his efforts by the government, since mental health is going to be the biggest pandemic by 2030.

Honey finds his calling together with is cast and crew that is hugely international he goes about filming a film-anthology on mental health awareness which is an interesting mix of scripted and improv content.

Models, actors, content creators, worldwide together with Honey Kapoor create a series of impact-mission films that touch on various topics like, body-shaming, age-shaming, women empowerment, intimacy, food-habits, lifestyle, LGBT, social disparity - all joining together to create an impact-mission film on mental health awareness.

Uma or Laila - Lead / Parallel Lead
The plot of the film requires the lead or parallel lead to be renamed Uma or Laila. These integral parts are models, yoga instructors, musicians, dancers, pianist, psychologist, doctors, barista, health-workers, barbers, stylists, fashion-designers, make-up - any people from the society to subtly make the film inclusive

Film Showcase
The film is being showcased on various OTT's as Free Streaming
The film has focused shows in top business-schools and film-schools worldwide
The film is also screened in the top multiplex-chains during the film-festivals

Film Festival Circuit
The film-anthology is screened during the Cannes Film Festival and 'Top-10' film festivals
The film-anthology is 'Official Selection' at various prestigious film festivals worldwide

Filming Locations
The film is being shot worldwide

Many actors that have shot on-location are still continuing their part in the film by self-taping their portions and emailing the footage by WeTransfer link

Filming Days
The film is being shot in a very fluid manner, giving not only professional cast and crew, but amateur cast and crew a chance to showcase their talent - true to its aim of being inclusive.

The film-sched can be of 1-day or 15-days at a stretch depending on the availability of cast and crew. As already mentioned, film is also being shot in hybrid mode.

Many cast and crew want pay, many are fine creating a profile; we are open to both arrangements

Fine Print
Once a cast or crew is confirmed, all the points are put on paper, so that there is absolute clarity while working.