Popcorn Flicks' Film Residency l PFFR

No film school in the world gives work-guarantee
  1. Work in under-production 'Cinema For Cause' Feature Film, with release and screenings in select commercial multiplex cinema
  2. The film has distribution line secured with Commercial Release on various OTT's and platforms
  3. Open-Air city-square screenings in Europe 
  4. Certificate of Popcorn Flicks Film Residency from the affiliate Business School and/or Film School
  5. Visibility: Any one or all, top-10 film festivals and markets in the world 
  6. Feature in One-on-One Awardee Editions of #BNHAF Awards and Festival
  7. Flat fee of US$11.10 to participate in #BNHAF Awards and Festival for life 
  8. 50% fee-waiver in Film Consultancy for life 
  9. If the resident wants: Unpaid Internship with a top-producer in Hindi Film Industry
MAX 15 Residents per Residency
LOCATION Delhi-NCR and/or Nainital, INDIA
Testimonial video with past residents
Nollywood superstars and top filmmakers

Module. Perfect-fit for all

Popcorn Flicks Film Residency: 4-weeks
ALSO available as customized Online Film Program of 6-weeks
Day Scholar Film Residency Fees
US$2400 or INR1,50,000
Participants come for the Film Residency program in the morning
Leave in the evening everyday.
Full Film Residency
US$7500 or INR6,00,000
Letter for visa, boarding, lodging, meals, on-ground transport in India
is included in the fees
Participants stay in a twin-sharing accommodation
(can opt for a single room, which will be extra fees as per actuals)
 The air-tickets and visa costs will be borne by the residents

Outline of 4-week Film Residency Program
Week 1: Six Sessions
Introductions. Importance of communication. Ways to adapt to different actors and directors.
Attributes of a successful film-professional. SWOT analysis. Timing. Importance of narration.
The Big key. One common element of blockbusters worldwide. Body Language. Understanding script.
Breaking the script. Power of imagination. Creating characters. How to capture attention on screen
Improvisation. The Word Game. Adjust to What’s Happening. Cold Reading
The Working Reading. Corrections. Timing the script
Adding elements to character. Script Rehearsals

Week 2: Six Sessions including start of Filming Schedule
Camera rehearsals start
Blocking Scenes from the script
Filming of
under-production sched of 'Cinema For Cause' feature film for PFFR starts 

Week 3: Filming Schedule
The principal photography of the feature-film during PFFR continues
Week 4: Filming Schedule & post-production lineup
The principal photography of the feature-film during PFFR ends
Audio dubs, if any
Line-up the shoot material on edit

First cut of the edited feature film is made available for preview to Popcorn Flicks Film Residents
of the ongoing edition, within nine-months, to incorporate their suggestions, if any
Legal Disclaimer:
  • Popcorn Flicks reserves the right of the use of the film-portion shot during each Popcorn Flicks Film Residency in the final-edit of the feature-film
  • All rights and the copyright of the film-portion shot during Popcorn Flicks Film Residency, including, but not limited to IPR, is the whole and sole property of Popcorn Flicks