Adfilms. Branding. Social-Media shorts, videos. In-Film Tie-ups.

Cost-effective solutions for Brands to maximize outreach
Case Study: Brand Gem Mines, New Delhi, India
Integration with #BNHAF Awards and Festival

75% of top Brands use In-Film Branding. Brand Integrations. Product Placements
Consumers exhausted of traditional brand communication
Receive communication better, in an entertaining manner

Defining Attributes
  1. Perpetual: fresh recall of Brand, each time film or content is screened/streamed. Brand visible even after 25 years and beyond
  2. One time expense: unlike, print, radio, online & television
  3. Outreach: across the world, cutting across continents
  4. Longevity: after the initial run, the film has 'focused screenings' at the film festivals and knowledge sessions worldwide
  5. Perception: consumers perceive Brands advertised in films, shows or series to be superior
Popcorn Flicks, right fit for brand-association

ensures best outreach and value-addition with integrated verticals


KEY: Visibility. Seamless integration. Value addition

Case Study: Honey Kapoor Origins. The film was released on OTT's with select cinema screenings. It was also screened at top B-schools. Screenings involving students have an exponential reach. This demography is the most active on social media. Perfect group to make a brand, an event, a product or a thing, viral.

Applause after the screening of Honey Kapoor Origins @ one of the top B-schools in India

Popcorn Flicks helps the Brands with most cost-effective outreach, the founder Amit R Agarwal brings distinctive edge to any film or project. Popcorn Flicks has done the following integrations
  • Music Video. Shopping Mall
  • Feature Film. Honey Brand
  • Feature Film. Condom Brand
  • Short Film. Cafe


Honey Kapoor Origins screening at Silvercity Multiplex, Dehradun during a film festival


Popcorn Flicks pioneered the concept of Branded Films in India 

Concept of Branded Films, very popular in the west
Brands commission or produce films or content
centered around the brand with script-focus on the brand
Cost: INR 25lacs or US$33000 onwards
Contact us with your requirement and budget, client servicing / creative team will customize for you