In Film Advertising OR Brand Endorsements

Popcorn Flicks is the creator of the cult films, webseries and digital content. 69 Opposites Attract got 50 Million views across social media platforms tiktok, vimeo, youtube, facebook, instagram, LinkedIn in just 2 years from December 24, 2018 to December 23, 2020. We are both, one of the most, cost-effective and cost-beneficial collaborators for any brand to do InFilm Advertising or Brand Endorsement.
Popcorn Flicks has successfully driven film festivals, marketing-events, knowledge forums with the top business schools & film schools in India, Maldives, Kyrgyzstan, Italy, France, Germany - top media & news outlets with a reach of more than 1 billion people. Ask for details.
The Big Question: Are the Brands judiciously treated?

Popcorn Flicks makes sure that a Brand seamlessly merges with the narrative of film or filmed content. We treat each Brand with utmost sensitivity, augmenting the Brands' appeal and reach to the prospective consumers, thereby giving the Brands' the best value for money spent.

Popcorn Flicks has already used various Brands in films & filmed content ranging from a music video centered around a Shopping Mall (a prominent builder is the promoter of this shopping mall) to a scene in a feature film that features a Condom Brand and fits beautifully in the narrative of the film. (These videos are available for viewing on request).

Branded Films Popcorn Flicks introduces a step ahead of Brand Endorsements - Branded Films. Make a film centered around your Brand, in a cost as low as INR 10lacs ($15,000) and get the manifold benefits!

The concept of Branded Films is very popular in the west, with Brands commissioning or producing films centered around their brand. The entire script will be such that it focuses on your brand. If you don't have a budget for feature film, we can discuss formats across Filmed Content: Short Films, Music-Videos, Viral-Campaigns, Public Service Spots.

Cost-effective solutions of Brand Endorsements / Product Placement are available across varied release and marketing platforms; contact us with your needs and your budget; the creative team will customize for you.