Adfilms. Branding. Social-Media shorts, videos. In-Film Tie-ups.

Cost-effective solutions for Brands to maximize outreach
Case Study: Brand Gem Mines, New Delhi, India
Integration with #BNHAF Awards and Festival
both in India and International Editions

75% of top Brands use In-Film Branding. Brand Integrations. Product Placements
Consumers exhausted of traditional brand communication
Receive communication better, in an entertaining manner

Defining Attributes
  1. Perpetual: fresh recall of Brand, each time film or content is screened/streamed. Brand visible even after 25 years and beyond
  2. One time expense: unlike, print, radio, online & television
  3. Outreach: across the world, cutting across continents
  4. Longevity: after the initial run, the film has 'focused screenings' at the film festivals and knowledge sessions worldwide
  5. Perception: consumers perceive Brands advertised in films, shows or series to be superior
 Popcorn Flicks, right fit for brand-association

ensures best outreach and value-addition with integrated verticals

News-Portal l Awards and Festival


KEY: Visibility. Seamless integration. Value addition

Case Study: Honey Kapoor Origins. The film was released on OTT's with select cinema screenings. It was also screened at top B-schools. Screenings involving students have an exponential reach. This demography is the most active on social media. Perfect group to make a brand, an event, a product or a thing, viral.

Applause after the screening of Honey Kapoor Origins @ one of the top B-schools in India

Popcorn Flicks helps the Brands with most cost-effective outreach, the founder Amit R Agarwal brings distinctive edge to any film or project. Popcorn Flicks has done the following integrations
  • Music Video. Shopping Mall
  • Feature Film. Honey Brand
  • Feature Film. Condom Brand
  • Short Film. Cafe


Honey Kapoor Origins screening at Silvercity Multiplex, Dehradun during a film festival


 Branded Films

Popcorn Flicks pioneered the concept  in India very popular in the west

Brands commission films or content
to highlight their Brand with subtle script-focus on the Brand
Contact us with your requirement and budget, client servicing / creative team will customize for you