Invest with Popcorn Flicks

Investors that have burned money trying to make films will agree that making films is tough; but making films visible is even tougher - the real challenge. Popcorn Flicks safeguards three major concerns of any investor or producer: 1. Completion 2. Release 3. Visibility

Popcorn Flicks and Amit R Agarwal's expertise

Releasing and making the film visible

Minimal Risk Model

Popcorn Flicks introduces Minimal Risk Model. Wise say it's best to test a business by starting small. Minimal Risk Model is for investors or producers that want to invest in the Film Industry with a nominal amount to cut down the risk. Loss if any, is limited to a preset amount of INR15lacs US$20000. Investor or Producer gets

  1. Credits as Co-Producer
  2. Stake in the feature film or filmed content


Focus screenings l Creating impact with optimal visibility

Honey Kapoor Origins screening. Applause @ one of the top business-schools in India



Screenings Mainstream l Creating Right Buzz

Honey Kapoor Origins screening at Silvercity Multiplex, Dehradun during a film festival

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