Invest with Popcorn Flicks

Popcorn Flicks safeguards two major concerns of any investor or producer

1. Completion 2. Release


Investors that have burned money trying to make films will agree

Making films > Very easy today  l  Making films visible > Real challenge


Popcorn Flicks and Amit R Agarwal's expertise > Making the film visible

Successful Film > Definition > Film realizes it's optimal potential


Popcorn Flicks produced feature films, shows and webseries

> Screened globally @ Cinemas, OTT's and other platforms


Focus Screenings l Creating Impact

Honey Kapoor Origins screening. Applause @ one of the top business-schools in India

Popcorn Flicks ensures optimal outreach of feature films and content


Popcorn Flicks has a developed network globally > Distribution-line for films and projects secured


Screenings Mainstream l Creating Right Buzz

Honey Kapoor Origins screening at Silvercity Multiplex, Dehradun during a film festival


Minimal Risk Model > Wise say, best to test a business by starting small 


Popcorn Flicks introduced > Minimal Risk Model > For investor or producer

Invest in the Film Industry with a nominal amount > Cut down risk l Limit the losses

In minimal risk model, loss if any, is set to a preset amount


Preset Amount > Rs.15lacs (US$ 21.000) 


Investor or Producer gets > 1. Credits as Co-Producer 2. Stake in the film or project


Minimal risk model amount > Rs.15lacs > Equivalent to the cost in a year

Potential investors, producers or aspiring actors spend > On coffee-meetings

More often than not without any output


  Name l Company website l Mobile l Email l Present city & country l Investment Amount l Reason for investing