Invest with Popcorn Flicks, why?

Popcorn Flicks has a developed network in Film & Entertainment Industry worldwide with it's films & filmed content screened at prestigious cinemas worldwide (including legendary, Village East Cinemas, New York) and reputed OTT's

We safeguard two major concerns of any producer/investor -

1. Completion
2. Release

The importance of completion & release of a film or filmed content can be determined
from this article "Movies Interrupted" - click on it for full article

Popcorn Flicks, other than Completion and Release, offers any producer/investor, following 6-pointers to invest in our films or filmed content.

Previous Track Record 100% record of completion of films or filmed content.

Successful screenings We have had screenings of our films & filmed content at prestigious film festivals and film markets worldwide.

Value for money No other production-house can give manifold benefits in a modest budget.

No cost over-runs No haggling regarding increase or escalation in budget.

Forge further tie-ups and alliances

Long term association We want to forge a long term association with all our producers/investors and are definitely not looking at a mere, 1-off film.

Minimal Risk Model - Wise say, it's best to test a business by starting small. To cut down the risk & limit the losses of any aspiring or potential producers/investors that want to try and invest in the Film Industry worldwide, with a nominal amount, Popcorn Flicks has introduced - Minimal Risk Model. In this model, loss if any, is set to a preset amount of Rs.15lacs (USD 21.000). The investor gets credit of Co-Producer on the film or filmed content. This amount is equivalent to the cost, many aspiring or potential producers/investors spend in a year over coffee on meetings for prospective film-projects, often with no output.
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