Investors worldwide agree, making films is very easy, but
making a film visible (forget recouping money), winning appreciation and awards, is very tough
 pf safeguards three major concerns of any investor Completion. Release. Visibility

Any investor in any business, rarely goes wrong
with the application of 1. Understanding of Business 2. Logical Reasoning
Popcorn Flicks and Amit R Agarwal 
owing to the rich experience in film-industry introduce Minimal Risk Model (MRM)
Wise say it's best to test a business by starting small. MRM gives investor a chance to
invest in the film-industry worldwide with a nominal amount. Loss, if any, limited to a
Preset amount of INR21lacs or US$30000
This amount of MRM is less than the yearly interest on the principal amount
that many investors loose trying to make a film
MRM Key Points
  • Cuts down Investor's risk to a great degree
  • Investor gets Guarantee of Completion and Limited Release together with
    • Credits as Co-Producer
    • Stake in the feature film and allied content

Popcorn Flicks and Amit R Agarwal
have an expertise in releasing a film through
unconventional modes to give the film visibility
This factor gains credibility in the light of
the article below published in The Hindustan Times
Focus screenings creating impression with impact-films
Screened @ top business-school in India

Mainstream screenings making buzz with cinema-for-cause films
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