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Casting Call: For Asia's first Mental Health Awareness Feature Film

About the film: The film is Asia's first Mental Health Awareness Feature Film. The narrative unfolds in film in film format. 
About the character: The character Uma is the lead actress. She is an actress in the 'been there-done that' zone. She is very sharp & worldly wise. Fighting nepotism, she has carved a niche for herself. Though she has a decent line of work, she is yet to taste the ultimate big success. When she is signed for the movie, she instinctively knows this is her best chance to get a shot at superstardom and she wants it to be her best. 
Assignment Type - Paid
Filming Date - March 21 to March 25, 2021
Duration - 5 days
Location - Delhi NCR
Screen age - 24 to 30
Height - 5'5'' to 5'9''
Hair Length - Long
Language - English & Hindi
Build - Slim
Color - Any
Ethnicity - Indian
Accent - Any
Non Union
Preferred - Theater background with lead performances.
Audition Script -
Honey Kapoor ko to sab log jaante hee hain.. mein hoon.. but obviously Uma..
Kabhi maine Honey ke saath kaam kiya thaa.. uske baad shaadi..
Husband bola film industry chhodh do.. hanste hanste apne career kee band baja dee..
Imagine The Hollywood Reporter ne mujhe hail kiya thaa.. cannes film festival mein.. Honey Kapoor introduces a bright new star from India.. Uma.. Ash’s got competition on the Red Carpet.. aur phir vohee love.. shove..

In fact Honey ne toh mujhse kaha thaa.. "ki theek hai tu shaadi kar rahee hai.. per films kyun chhodh rahee hai.."

Aur maine kaha thaa.. "he doesn’t like the idea of me you know hugging, smooching, making out, with my hero.."

Honey ki vo shocked look mujhe aaj bhi yaad hai.. vo bola.. "What.. that’s your job yaar.. actress hai tu"

Per kya karoon.. I was too much in love

Saala shaadi ke liye career ko shove karke rakh diya..
Per paanch maheene mein hee mein vaapas Honey ke saamne khadee.. hindi cinema ka ek cult dialogue bol rahee thee.. "Aaj khush toh bahut hoge tum.. dekho.. dekho.. jis actress ko tumne kaha thaa.. shaadi mat karo.. career ko mat chhodo.. vo actress aaj tumhaare saamne khadee hai.. tumse vaapas apna career banaane kee minnat kar rahee hai.. bahut khush hoge tum.."

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