Hands-on Film Training Program With 100% Work Guarantee

Popcorn Flicks' 2-months Film Training Program gives each participant 100% Work Guarantee! 
No film school, media school, film course, media course, mass-communication course - gives 100% work guarantee - our USP decisively gives us an edge over all other media Training Programs. This 'hands-on film training program' is specifically designed for actors, models, producers & directors. Film programs successfully conducted by Amit R Agarwal, cutting across age-groups & countries, in the past
1. Completed Course Modules for filmmakers & students from Nigeria in India
2. Masterclass Training Program for filmmakers & students in Kyrgyzstan
3. Masterclass Training Program for filmmakers & students in Maldives
4. ZOOM sessions during CoVid at various film schools & business schools in 2020
Testimonial video:
Film education & training is one of the costliest in the world. Aspirants & students take loans to do these programs & training; yet even after topping the film school, many find they don't have any work; even when they offer to work for free, in order to build a portfolio and a profile. Here's a special offer for all the students that have graduated from film schools and film institutes.
Those that haven't got a degree in cinema, nor intend to spend a year or two on the course can take Popcorn Flicks' 2-months & 1-month Film Training Program that gives all aspirants & participants a rapid filming-oriented program with 100% work guarantee in any one of the feature films, shorts or webseries that Popcorn Flicks produces under #Cinema_For_Cause vertical and #69_Opposites_Attract vertical. Our last short was world's first Covid Vaccine Film.

Each participant, if they wish to, will also get work in any 1 of the seasons from the 1000 seasons of 69 Opposites Attract already streaming on OTT's worldwide (Season 1000 will premier on December 24, 2121). Each season is also cut into a feature-length film for Honey Kapoor film franchise.

Training is both offline (21 participants in campus) & online (51 participants on Zoom). Offline training is held in Delhi-NCR and Goa at the campus of different film schools & business schools that we have a tie-up with. If a participant needs (a course that gives degree, diploma or certificate) or any customized training, let us know the details, we will give the customized program structure & fees.

Overview of Popcorn Flicks' 2-months Film Training Program with 100% work guarantee in any one SEASON of 69 Opposites Attract

Film Training Program Available - Both Online and Offline
Film Training Program Duration - 2-months. Monday to Friday, 3-hours session
2-months Film Training Program Fee Offline - INR 5lacs / USD 7000
2-months Film Training Program Fee Online - INR 2lacs / USD 3000
1-month Film Training Program Fee Online - INR 81thousand / USD 1200
After completion, all participants will have
- An understanding on how to be a true film-professional
- On-set behavior, handle the ego of superiors, get work done by juniors
- Smart working to achieve things that you want in your career
- Find success by avoiding failures that many film-professionals face
- Build a positive vibe about yourself
- Develop a magnetic persona to get your work done by people that matter
- Become thick-skinned to eliminate the fear of society, rejection, judgment, on-set fright and anxiety
- Become the kind of film-professionals, Producers want to work with
- Find out the sweet-bitter reality about film & entertainment industry
- Know how to turn the odds in favor

Breakdown of Popcorn Flicks' 2-months Film Training Program:
Week 1 & Week 2 (part) - seven lessons
1. Introductions. Communication. Importance of communication. What is acting or directing. Ways to adapt to different actors and directors
2. Attributes actors and directors look for. SWOT analysis. Timing. Voice performing. Importance of voice & narration in acting & directing
3. The Big key. One common element of all blockbusters worldwide. Body Language. Understanding the script. Breaking the script
4. Imagination. Power of imagination. Creating characters. How to capture attention on screen
5. Improvisation. The Word Game. Adjust to What’s Happening. The Imaginary Circumstance
6. Cold Reading
7. The Working Reading
Week 2 (part) - three lessons
1. The working reading-repeat. Corrections. Timing the script.
2. Understanding the scenes. Breaking the scenes
3. Understanding characters. Blocking a scene using imagination, power of imagination, creating your character adding Elements. Learning the script dialogues
Week 3 - five practicals

- Camera rehearsals
- Film the scenes as scratch

Week 4, 5 & 6 - fifteen-day filming schedule
Offline - Filming on location
Online - Participants will film themselves and send the footage within time-frame & specified format

Week 7 & 8 - ten-day filming OR dubbing schedule

- Reshoot portions, if any
- Patchwork - Audio dub & sync the portions