Enter Films Now: Produce Your Own Work

Enter Films Now: Produce Your Own Work is an initiative of award-winning filmmaker Amit R Agarwal under the model ICE. ICE is an acronym for Invest, Create, Entertain

ICE is for those dynamic individuals or industry professionals that want to enter film industry NOW!

The entire world is a stage and we are mere players; this famous quote that opens "As You Like It", implies that each individual on this earth is an artist. However, many artists are lost because people need money to lead life; thus these people become ‘professionals’ in other areas, opting for relatively financially secure careers, foregoing their artistic ambitions. ICE gives such professionals a chance to realize their artistic & creative ambitions – be it actor, model, filmmakers, singers, musicians, writers, cinematographer’s, art-director’s – any area related to films or filmed content; because today realizing artistic & creative ambitions at any age is possible.

The major block is to make inroads into the entertainment industry - even if it's a 1-minute film!

ICE helps an individual to break into the entertainment industry across formats – films, television, webseries; because Agarwal, who helms ICE, has established contacts in global film-industry. ICE is unique, because it delivers not only the end-product – a completed film, TV series, webseries but the complete Entertainment Vertical:

1. Grooming & Training
2. Work
3. Press & Media
4. Awards (at International Film Festivals)

All you need is a burning desire to make yourself visible in the entertainment industry.
If an individual needs a complete film-making course, ICE takes care of it, we have tie-ups with prominent Film Schools Worldwide to conduct Workshops, Master Classes & Programs covering all the phases of film-making right from scratch to a completed film. These film-schools offer degree, diploma, certificates and are usually of the duration from a mere 2 weeks to 4 years. Customized course of your choice, at a film school of your choice is available.

ICE is ideal for those that want to make a film by investing their own money and want to be their own boss. Statistics reveal, 99% of such investments made by individuals go waste. The idea is to safeguard the money of individuals that invest. Investment depends on:

1. Filmed content you want / 2. Publicity you want / 3. Exposure you look at / 4. Film-release you want.