Popcorn Flicks' Film Residency

Objective of each Film Residency > To create a Feature Film

Film Residency Location > Nainital, India

Film Residency Size > 12 participants maximum

Film > Meditate > Yoga > Relax > Rejuvenate > Beat Stress 

Film Residency > Held twice a year > Mid-March l Mid-September

Popcorn Flicks' Film Residency is a curated program to make a feature film.
The module is such that it is a perfect-fit for each and everyone that aspires to make or act in films, be it 1. Established Filmmakers 2. Film School Graduates 3. Aspirants and Freshers.

Boon for film school students > No film school guarantees work

Popcorn Flicks' Film Residency > Completed Feature Film

Fees for four-week Popcorn Flicks' Film Residency program > US$1275 or INR1,00,000
If you want assistance with letter for visa, boarding and lodging, on-ground transport in India, it is to be paid as per actuals (around US$4500). Alternatively, you can arrange it on your own.

Value Addition > Other than attending Film Residency, participants get
  • Completed Feature Film with distribution-line secured
  • Visibility > Any one or all > Top-10 film festivals and markets in the world
  • Free entry of films by the participants at #BNHAF Awards and Festival for one-year
  • 50% fee-waiver in Film Services perpetually
  • If the participant wants > Unpaid Internship with a Producer in Hindi Film Industry
  • Certificate of participation from a top Business School
  • Certificate of participation from a top Film School
  • Feature in One-On-one Awardee Edition of #BNHAF Awards and Festival
  • Perfect blend in the picturesque Himalayas - Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation, Filming
Popcorn Flicks produced feature films, shows and series have won awards, international acclaim and fame with screenings and streaming across cinemas, OTT's, platforms and city squares in Europe (Italy and Germany). The founder, Amit R Agarwal is a multi-award winning filmmaker.

Honey Kapoor Origins: Applause after the screening at a top business-school

Outline > 4-week Film Residency Program
Week 1: Six Sessions
Introductions. Importance of communication. Ways to adapt to different actors and directors.
Attributes actors and directors look for. SWOT analysis. Timing. Importance of voice & narration in acting & directing
The Big key. One common element of all blockbusters worldwide. Body Language. Understanding the script.
Breaking the script. Power of imagination. Creating characters. How to capture attention on screen
Improvisation. The Word Game. Adjust to What’s Happening. Cold Reading
The Working Reading. Corrections. Timing the script

Week 2: Six Sessions including Filming Schedule
Understanding the script
Adding elements to character. Learning the script dialogues
Blocking Scenes. Camera rehearsals
On the fourth day of second week, the principal photography of the film starts

Week 3: Filming Schedule

The principal photography of the film continues
The Principal photography of the film ends
Week 4: Patchwork & post-production lineup
What is patchwork?
Patchwork demo and shoot
Audio dubs, if any
Line-up the shoot material on edit

Edited films’ 1st-cut is made available for preview to all Popcorn Flicks' Film Residency participants, nine-months from the date of the start of Popcorn Flicks' Film Residency.
Legal Disclaimer:
  • Popcorn Flicks reserves the right of the final-edit of the feature-film resulting from each Popcorn Flicks' Film Residency.
  • All rights and the copyright of the film made in Popcorn Flicks' Film Residency, including, but not limited to IPR, is the whole and sole property of Popcorn Flicks.

Honey Kapoor Origins screening at Silvercity Multiplex, Dehradun during a film festival