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Two major concerns of any cast or crew. Pay. Visibility.
We pay. We give the all important 'correct' visibility and outreach
1. Do you pay
Yes. We are one of those few production-houses that pay on time!
We create the all important profile with our established vertical
  • Work
  • Pay
  • Visibility
  • Press
  • Awards
What do you need more?
  • More work. Free rep with our network of top-producers across the world
The work of cast or crew is showcased at Top-10 film festivals and film markets
The unique deliverable to cast or crew is the Awards and recognition

2. What about canceling shoot at last minute
Popcorn Flicks plans meticulously with 100% record of being On-schedule. Completion. Release.
We are .01% of the production-houses that have cent-percent completion record!
Even for guerrilla or no-budget films or content; absolutely no cancellations ever. We meet an actor or crew over coffee. Discuss details of the shoot in advance. This ensures smooth filming.

3. What about nudity or sex scenes, if any
Popcorn Flicks repertoire include films in a very diverse and wide variety of genre, screened during the Top-10 film festivals and film markets including Cannes Film Festival, Marche du Film, AFM, Berlinale, where nudity and sexuality is acceptable narrative. Furthermore, we always provide the moodboard of the entire film before we start the shoot. Few films referenced, feature top actors and directors; few won awards at the Cannes Film Festival - Blue Is The Warmest Color, Gaandu, Nymphomaniac, Love, En La Cama, Q, The Desire, 365 Days - Netflix. Sex scenes if any, are discussed to minutest detail in advance, even for guerilla-style filming, where it might just be single-person with the actor or actress. Release and usage; commercial or film festival only, is also detailed.
Agarwal is one of the first intimacy directors in Asia. In his cinema master-classes, he tells that intimacy and sexuality need deep artistic and cinematic understanding, cast and crew have to treat them like any other scene and be natural, comfortable, spontaneous. Popcorn Flicks provides safe, happy and conducive work-culture. Comfort of cast or crew is of utmost importance. Film-school grads watch both mainstream and art-house films with nudity and sexuality for understanding; cast or crew not from a film-school, can watch the films for broadening their cinematic perspective. Actor or actress are free to ask all questions, discuss all scenes, shots and details like usage and crew-size; just about any question on mind. Idea is clear, it is best to work with full clarity or not to work at all. Worldwide, actors or actresses with evolved cinematic-perspective are comfortable with nudity and sexuality, waiting to do the role! Send your acting reel, portfolio and profile
Press and PR: Lead Actress featured on national media
The Times of India, Mid-Day, Sahara Samay, to name a few
Popcorn Flicks produced films, series and content
Screened across continents at the Top-10 Film Festivals and Film Markets
City-Square open-air screenings. Countries like Italy, Switzerland, Maldives
Have over One Billion cumulative views worldwide
Focus Screenings
Creating Impact with optimal outreach of films and content

Applause after screening at one of the top business-schools in India


Nagesh Kukunoor - Indian Filmmmaker
Marina Anna Eich - German Actress & Producer l Antje Nikola Monning - German Actress & Producer
Jan Jakub Kolski - Polish Filmmaker l Roland Reber - German Filmmaker
Screenings Mainstream l Creating Right Buzz
Screening at Silvercity Multiplex, Dehradun during a film festival