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Pay and visibility are two major concerns of any cast or crew. Popcorn Flicks assures 'correct' visibility; ensures outreach of films and content for any cast or crew. Popcorn Flicks produced films, series and content have over One Billion cumulative views worldwide. The founder Amit R Agarwal is a multi-award winning filmmaker. Popcorn Flicks produced feature films, shows and series have won awards and international acclaim, screened and streamed at Cinemas, Roku Channels, TV Channels - Sony, Zee, B4U, Doordarshan, OTT's.

Q.1. Do you pay?
We believe in paid work. The pay depends on the experience & the value that cast/crew, brings to a film or content, because in industry paid work means not only money, but the real value that cast/crew gets from the work they do - the all important profile. Profile is vital for cast/crew to get more work in the industry. The profile might include 1. Lead role / Parallel lead role / Featured role / Prominent role 2. Press & Media + Credits 3. International Film Festival Participation 4. Guest of Honor at film festivals & events in India 5. Guest Speaker or a Master Class at these film festivals & events 6. Awards - provided you have the contract, visa, passport, are an adult & have all the legal clearances

Q.2. What about canceling shoot at last minute?
Popcorn Flicks plans meticulously with 100% record of being On-schedule. Completion. Release. We pride ourselves about this fact! Even for guerrilla or no-budget films or content; absolutely no cancellations ever! We always meet cast/crew over coffee and discuss all details of shoot. This coffee-meeting goes a long way to make the shoot comfortable for both the talent & us.

Q.3. What about nudity, nude shots or sex scenes, if any?
Popcorn Flicks repertoire includes films right from comedies to women empowerment to kids to romance to dramas to intense erotic dramas to experimental to satire. If any nudity, sexuality or sex scenes are involved, everything to be done is discussed well in advance with actor/actress in the minutest detail including the commercial release or film festival only release. Even for guerilla style filming where the shoot might involve two people or might just be a single-person crew with just the actor/actress; because these scenes are complex and need a deep artistic & cinematic understanding. The comfort of actor/actress is of utmost importance. Cast/crew can watch few reference films for deeper artistic & cinematic understanding, few of these films are award-winning films at film-festivals like Cannes; helmed by top directors and producers - Blue Is The Warmest Color, Gaandu, Nymphomaniac, Q, The Desire, En La Cama, 365 Days - Netflix. Actor/actress is free to ask all questions, discuss all scenes & shots in detail; including 1. privacy 2. co-actor 3. use of merkin 4. visibility of labia 5. type of physical contact 6. crew size, just about any question on mind. Our idea is clear, it is best to work with full clarity or not work at all because there are other actors/actresses that want, and are waiting to fill the said role. This is because these actors/actresses evolved their understanding of art and cinema over the years in the industry and are comfortable with nudity and sexuality.
The artistic beauty of nudity & sex scenes comes from attributes of being natural, comfortable, spontaneous - Popcorn Flicks ensures these attributes are adhered to since Amit R Agarwal works as an intimacy director as well. Our aim is working in a safe, happy and conducive environment and tell compelling stories to an audience worldwide.
General We always meet cast/crew over coffee to discuss any shoot or work. A quick coffee-chat at a cafe paves way for smooth shoots & work, takes care of rates, concept and just to know how each other works. We work with freshers as well because we nurture talent. Two such talents that worked as top-crew with Agarwal on Beauty And The Baldie are formidable names today: Mrigdeep Singh Lamba Fukrey and Gurmmeet Singh Mirzapur. We work with great energies and positive vibe. Work should be fun so that we work second time around, this industry is all about contacts. If a talent doesn't have these attributes and the proposed shoot is just another job to show an uppity attitude; please steer clear of working with Popcorn Flicks. Everyone claims to make actors/actresses look, alluring, beautiful, charming, dazzling, eclectic, fascinating, gorgeous; we do not, because our work presents real inner strengths of an actor/actress. The subject-matter of our films is realistic, many times the shoots are styled as guerrilla shoots - no make-up, no fringes at all. The focus is on realistic performance(s) as this gives an actor/actress career longevity and creates an impactful profile for them. A sweet smile on the face of cast & crew is all that we look for before, during & after the shoot.

International Icons talk about Amit R Agarwal

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Roland Reber - German Filmmaker
Nagesh Kukunoor - Indian Filmmmaker
Marina Anna Eich - German Actress & Producer
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Popcorn Flicks also provides Film Training with 100% work guarantee