Co-Production is the best way to make films & content post-covid
Amit R Agarwal often quotes this at
film-festivals, film-markets, forums and conclaves
Producers spend, minimum of US$300,000
on films or content release-worthy in Cinemas or on OTT's
yet 93% of these films are Lost Films failing to reach even 10,000 audiences
Awards l Visibility l News and Press
Invitation as Guest of Honor or KeyNote Speaker with people of socio-politico importance
Popcorn Flicks has a tie-up with 12 film-festivals in USA, Australia, France, Greece, Cyprus, Austria, Maldives, Italy, Uzbekistan, Cuba, Argentina and INDIA. We ensure that co-producer gets Medal of Honor in atleast one of the partner festivals of #BNHAF Awards and Festival or the Gala Edition of #BNHAF Awards and Festival.
Kiaan from the USA, gets Best Young Mind Award

93% of films worldwide reach less than 10,000 audiences (We aren't talking about instagram reels)
No one can guarantee ROI on any film; we guarantee visibility. Case Study: feature film Honey Kapoor Origins, short CoVidGo, webseries 69 Opposites Attract; other films and content
Agarwal's film screened and book launched in USA

Co-producer gets extensive feature in news, media and press
News-article about launch in the USA

Each co-producer has a story to share that motivates many budding co-producers. The opportunities to share stories are scant or literally none, worldwide. Popcorn Flicks gives all co-producers a stage to share their story with celebrities or people of socio-politico importance
Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan launches 1st Indo-Kyrgyz film
If your film / content seems viable, following is the step-line of film-production

Feature film (69min. to 120 min.) l Short (duration 10min. to 33min.) l Webseries
Email your copyright script. Script should be such that Amit R Agarwal is in the lead role or parallel lead role. Once approved for it's market viability, we get to production. Amit R Agarwal has 99.99% dot-prediction record about any films' BO potential and success. Case Study: 'Housefull 4' (2019) Agarwal was the only one to correctly predict after the first day, first show itself that the film will be a blockbuster OR 'Tiger 3' (2023) on 'Bharat 24 News Channel' when Agarwal told the anchor after the first show itself, the film is weak, it won't do 500 crores, the anchor couldn't believe her ears!
We have / may provide
  • 4K camera + lights + tripod + DoP
  • Mic + consumables
  • Editing + Editor
  • Locations in Delhi-NCR, Goa, UP & Uttarakhand (INDIA). Overseas tie-ups: Italy, Australia, Maldives, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco for the best rates.
pf covers the entire cost of Film Consultancy and #BNHAF Awards and Festival 
Everything else including scale-up in production/post-production is the cost of the co-producer
The cost of strategy and execution is borne by Popcorn Flicks
Co-producer pays a pre-decided amount upfront at the start of the film, towards part-production part-marketing cost
Popcorn Flicks ensures full or selective, Top-10 Film-Festival circuit. Film-Festival circuit cost is a substantial cost for any studio, producer or indie-film-maker
Any marketing strategy not planned by Popcorn Flicks will be borne entirely by the co-producer
69 Memes marketing-campaign made 69 Opposites Attract top show on the OTT

If the film sells, share will be 50:50 between Popcorn Flicks and the co-producer

  • Opening credits Popcorn Flicks presents in association with (co-producer's banner)
  • Producer Amit R Agarwal
  • Co-Producer (Your name)
  • Screenwriter (the ones mentioned on the copyright script)
  • If Amit R Agarwal script-doctors to better the script, Agarwal gets screen-credits as Script Doctor, as well as, co-screenwriter
Amit R Agarwal on panel with one of the top filmmakers in India, Priyadarshan
and President of Film Federation of India, Ravi Kottarakara
Keynote Speaker at GCB, World Trade Centre, Mumbai
Screening film to students of one of the Top-50 B-Schools in India