Co-produce with Popcorn Flicks

"Post-covid, co-production is the best way forward to create cinema, films & content that is a win-win situation for all", 

Amit R Agarwal often quotes this at film-festivals, film-markets, co-productions, forums and conclaves.



Experienced producers, very dear friends have spent close to

US$ 300,000 on films that are completed but not yet visible



With a developed film-industry network

Popcorn Flicks has distribution-line secured

Email your copyright script, for short (duration 10min. to 33min.), feature film (69min. to 120 min.) or Webseries. Script should be such that Amit R Agarwal is in the lead role or parallel lead role. Once approved for it's market viability, we get to production. Amit R Agarwal has 99.99% dot-prediction record about any films' BO potential and success.
Case Study: "Housefull 4", Agarwal was the only one to correctly predict after the first day, first show itself that the film will be a blockbuster.

We have 4K camera, Mic, Dop, Editing, locations in Delhi-NCR, Goa, UP & Uttarakhand (INDIA). Overseas we have tie-ups in Italy, Australia, Maldives, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco for the best rates. As co-producers Popcorn Flicks covers the entire cost of Film Services and #BNHAF Awards and Festival. Everything else is the cost of the co-producer and/or director.

The cost of strategy and execution is borne by Popcorn Flicks. Co-producer pays a pre-decided amount upfront towards part marketing-cost to take the film to international film markets & film festivals. Popcorn Flicks ensures the full, or selective, Top-10 Film Festival round. This cost is a substantial cost for any producer, filmmaker or studio today. Any marketing strategy not planned by Popcorn Flicks will be borne entirely by co-producer.

Popcorn Flicks ensures optimal visibility of any film or content in national & international market; successfully executed in the past, cutting across genres & formats.
Case Study: feature film Honey Kapoor Origins, short CoVidGo, webseries 69 Opposites Attract.

Any sales made of the film will be shared 50:50 between Popcorn Flicks and the other party(s) - the co-producer.

Opening credits Popcorn Flicks presents in association with (co-producer's banner). Producer - Amit R Agarwal. Co-Producer (Your name). Screenwriter (the ones mentioned on the copyright script). If Amit R Agarwal script-doctors to better the script, he will be credited as Script Doctor, as well as, co-screenwriter.