Co-producing with Popcorn Flicks

Co-producing with Popcorn Flicks is very simple. We co-produce under 3-verticals: Cinema For Cause, 69 Opposites Attract and general. We work with upcoming talent (cast & crew) in the industry worldwide, negating the oft-repeated rant that no one gives an opportunity to showcase their talent & work. Popcorn Flicks envisions to nurture them into formidable names. Truth be told, making a film is very easy today; but marketing and releasing a film, making the film visible, is the real challenge. Popcorn Flicks' expertise is in this much overlooked area.
For co-productions, the first step is to email the Pitch-Deck that includes: logline, one-para story, synopsis, cast & crew attached (if any), collaterals (if any) and projected ROI. If the film-project seems viable, it will be followed by the following step-outline for co-producing that can be fine-tuned for each film.

PRE-PRODUCTION Email your copyright script, for short (duration 10min. to 33min.), feature film (69min. to 120 min.) or Webseries (we have direct dealing with all OTT's). Script should be such that Amit R Agarwal is in the lead role or parallel lead role. Once approved for it's market viability, we get to production. Amit R Agarwal has 99.99% dot-prediction record about a films' success. Case Study: "Housefull 4", he was the only one to correctly predict after the first day, first show itself that the film will be a blockbuster.

PRODUCTION We have 4K camera, Mic, Dop, Editing, locations in Delhi-NCR, Goa, UP & Uttarakhand (INDIA). This cost is borne by Popcorn Flicks. Everything else is the cost of the director & co-producer. Overseas we have tie-ups in Italy, Australia, Maldives, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, for filming in the most cost-effective price.

MARKETING COST The cost of strategy, execution planned by Popcorn Flicks is borne partly by Popcorn Flicks (we take upfront INR 5lacs towards marketing-cost from co-producer to take the film to international film markets & film festivals). We also ensure through our network the film does the full, or selective, Top-10 Film Festival round. This cost is a substantial cost for any producer, filmmaker or studio today. Any marketing strategy not planned by Popcorn Flicks will be borne entirely by co-producer.

VISIBILITY Popcorn Flicks ensures optimal visibility a film would get in national & international market, successfully done by us in the past, cutting across genres & formats. Case Study: feature film Honey Kapoor ~ YoLo, short CoVidGo, webseries 69 Opposites Attract.

Any sales made of the film will be shared 50:50 between Popcorn Flicks and the other party(s) - the co-producer.

CREDITS Opening credits Popcorn Flicks presents in association with (co-producer's banner) Producer - Amit R Agarwal. Co-Producer (Your name). Screenwriter (the ones mentioned on the copyright script). If Amit R Agarwal script-doctors to better the script, he will be credited as Script Doctor, as well as, co-screenwriter.