Film Reel l Brief Snapshot

Popcorn Flicks makes feature films, films and content across
budgets, formats and genre as showcased in the Film Reel below

Popcorn Flicks produces and distributes path-breaking content since 2007
Feature films, webseries, fashion films, music-videos, shorts
produced by Popcorn Flicks won international acclaim and fame
The two primary verticals are Cinema for Cause and 69 Opposites Attract
The films and content have screened and streamed at:
  • Cinemas 
    • Legendary Cinemas like Village East Cinemas, New York, USA  
    • Commercial multiplexes like Silvercity, Dehradun, India 
    • Conventional single-screen cinemas like Shiela, Dhampur, India
  • Open-Air screenings at city-squares: Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany and Maldives
  • Pzaz.Tv and Roku Channels 
  • OTT's
Two special awards top-line, Popcorn Flicks founder, Amit R Agarwal's list of awards
  • Karmaveer Chakra Award 2021 instituted by iCONGO in partnership with the United Nations
  • Lord Baden-Powell National Award 2020
Right from feature films, shorts, music videos, AV, corporate films, documentaries across genres ranging from - kids, comedy, drama, women empowerment, spoof, satire, erotica, light intimacy, experimental - we have done it all. Our audiences are spread across countries and continents and our four top content - Honey Kapoor Origins, Virgin.. Mira, CovidGo, 69 Opposites Attract have One Billion views on OTT's, Roku and a mix of social media platforms.
Other than conventional style film-making, Agarwal is India's first guerrilla-style filmmaker
creating unconventional ground-breaking films and content, screened worldwide, winning awards and laurels

Guerrilla Film Reel

The beauty of art is, it's imperfect

Low Resolution video compiled from Work-In-Progress cut of guerrilla films

Agarwal is also India's few A cappella singers
Here is original single "Bhaiya ji Gaye Bombay Ko.."
written, sung, performed and directed by Amit R Agarwal
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