Film Reel

Popcorn Flicks other than producing
collabs and offer services to studios and other producers
Films right from industrial conglomerates, tourism boards, brands
to fashion films or reels for models that walked fashion weeks
- New York, Paris, London, Vienna and LIFW are shared below

pf believes a film should have optimal Outreach
A great film with 10K views isn't our idea of producing!
Popcorn Flicks gives the best package
to any brand or creator
for their film or content
 from mega-budget film
to ultra-low budget content
pf works across genre and formats
blending creativity with commercial viability
Feature films, shorts, music videos, AV, corporate films, documentaries across genres ranging from - kids, comedy, drama, women empowerment, impact-films, spoof, romance, docs, satire, erotica, light intimacy, abstract, experimental - we have done it all. 
Our audiences are spread across countries and continents.
Our top-5 content - Honey Kapoor Origins, Virgin.. Mira, The Real Pandemic, CovidGo, 69 Opposites Attract have One-Billion cumulated views in Cinemas, OTT's, Roku and a mix of social media platforms.
pf is the only film production-house to fuse
conventional Indian-film-making with European Art-house
These films have screened across continents
in cinemas, universities, colleges, OTT's and
Broadcast Channels winning multiple awards
for Popcorn Flicks as well as cast and crew
pf connects brands and services seamlessly
in the films and content it produces

Agarwal is innovative and knows each film sells
pf often produces films' guerrilla-style
to create unconventional films and content
Guerrilla Film Reel The beauty of art is, it's imperfect
Agarwal is India's
one of the first A cappella singers
Here is original single "Bhaiya ji Gaye Bombay Ko.."
written, sung, performed and directed by Amit R Agarwal
Log on to Vimeo to watch it


Links to films, high budget to moderate budget
JK Tyres directed by Ruchi Narain
MagicBus featuring Ranbir Kapoor