Film Reel And Film Outreach

Popcorn Flicks produces and distributes path-breaking content since 2007. Feature films, webseries, fashion films, music-videos, shorts produced, have screened internationally winning awards, acclaim and fame.

With everybody a filmmaker today,
it is not really about the reel, but the outreach and the optimal package
a film or filmed content gives to any producer or investor
The films and content have screened and streamed at: Cinemas 
    • Legendary Cinemas like Village East Cinemas, New York, USA  
    • Commercial multiplexes like Silvercity, Dehradun, India 
    • Conventional single-screen cinemas like Shiela, Dhampur, India
  • Open-Air screenings at city-squares: Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany and Maldives
  • Pzaz.Tv and Roku Channels 
  • OTT's
Popcorn Flicks makes feature films, films and content across two primary verticals: Cinema for Cause and
69 Opposites Attract. Shot across budgets, formats and genre as showcased in the Film Reel below

Two special awards top-line, Popcorn Flicks founder, Amit R Agarwal's list of awards
  • Karmaveer Chakra Award 2021 instituted by iCONGO in partnership with the United Nations
  • Lord Baden-Powell National Award 2020
Right from feature films, shorts, music videos, AV, corporate films, documentaries across genres ranging from - kids, comedy, drama, women empowerment, spoof, satire, erotica, light intimacy, experimental - we have done it all. Our audiences are spread across countries and continents and our four top content - Honey Kapoor Origins, Virgin.. Mira, CovidGo, 69 Opposites Attract have One Billion views on OTT's, Roku and a mix of social media platforms.
Other than conventional style film-making,
Agarwal is India's first guerrilla-style filmmaker
creating unconventional ground-breaking films and content

Guerrilla Film Reel The beauty of art is, it's imperfect

Low Resolution video compiled from Work-In-Progress cut of guerrilla films

Agarwal is also India's few A cappella singers
Here is original single "Bhaiya ji Gaye Bombay Ko.."
written, sung, performed and directed by Amit R Agarwal
Log on to Vimeo to watch it