#BNHAF Awards And Festival

Gala Physical Editions l Hybrid Editions l Virtual Editions l One-on-One Awardee Editions
Glimpses from the 9th Edition at IMS University Courses Campus
 Set-up in 2021 to celebrate all artists and their work post Covid-19
#BNHAF is the fastest growing Awards and Festival in the world
2023 saw the launch of International Editions
10th Edition held in the US and Australia l 13th Edition held in Austria
All contributors to society are worthy of #BNHAF Awards and Festival Nomination
#BNHAF Gala Physical Editions
Held in state-of-the-art cinemas or auditoriums with 300+ attendees in each show
#BNHAF Hybrid Editions
Conducted both on the physical and virtual platform
#BNHAF Virtual Editions
Conducted on multiple online platforms
#BNHAF One-on-One Awardee Editions
Curated editions to award artists that have might be role-models for aspirants
 Awardees interviews serve as knowledge series and Masterclass for aspirants worldwide
Select Past Awardees
Pratham Khurana, director of 'Nauha'
Official Selection at 75th Cannes Film Festival in La Cinef section
Nyra Banerjee l Indian Actress
Flora Saini l Indian Actress
Phoebe Kemi l Actress and Model based in NYC
walked NYFW, Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week
Dorotea Saykaly l Multi-award winning dancer, choreographer and actress
Priyasha Bhardwaj l Indian Actress
Varsha Rajkhowa Miss Scuba International 2016
Jyoti Guptara, Published Author l Counted as '100 most important Swiss

#BNHAF Awards and Festival has more than 1-billion cumulative views across social media
  • Inaugural edition. Physical. December 11, 2021
  • 2nd edition. Virtual. March 12, 2022
  • 3rd edition. Physical. May 13, 2022
  • 4th edition. Virtual. July 6, 2022
  • 5th edition. Virtual. September 15 to September 19, 2022 Winners 
  • 6th Edition: Physical. October 10 to October 14, 2022
  • 7th Edition: Virtual. November 10 to November 14, 2022
  • 8th Edition: Hybrid. December 16 to December 18, 2022
  • 9th Edition: Physical. January 18 to January 25, 2023
  • 10th Edition: Physical. March 17 to March 19, 2023 l Inaugural INTERNATIONAL EDITION l USA
  • 11th Edition: Hybrid. May 27 to June 2, 2023
  • 12th Edition: Hybrid. August 4 to August 7, 2023
  • 13th Edition: Physical. September 15 to September 19, 2023 l INTERNATIONAL EDITION l Austria
  • 14th Edition: Physical. October 14 to October 17, 2023
#BNHAF Awards in the categories of
film, media, fashion, health-care, hospitality, leisure, law, architecture,
any other sector where a person has worked for societal significance
#BNHAF has awarded more than 159 achievers that have changed the society
- filmmakers, actors, models, writers, authors, singers, dancers, restaurateurs,
painters, sportsperson, sculptors, lawyers, doctors, politicians, hospitality, IT
Rules, Terms & Conditions: By using this website and submitting your entry, you unconditionally accept and agree to the Rules, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of #BNHAF Awards and Festival
  1. If you want to submit the film directly to the festival, contact us on bnhafawards@gmail.com
  2. If there is any NUDITY in the film, it must be blurred.
  3. Selections will be made by #BNHAF Awards and Festival. Decision of #BNHAF regarding selection and awards will be absolute and final. Submitting your film does not guarantee festival acceptance or screening. Acceptance into the festival does not guarantee award or prize.
  4. The Submission fees for the films, whether accepted or rejected, are not refundable.
  5. #BNHAF editions are held in multiple modes. Please be sure before applying to #BNHAF about the mode the particular edition is being held. #BNHAF Awards and Festival is not responsible for mix-up or any confusion from/at your end. In such a case, submission fees is not refundable.
  6. Films in any language other than English must be subtitled in English
  7. In case of FEE WAIVER all social media requirements must be fulfilled. Join the Facebook Group, follow on IG and Twitter. Use hashtags #BNHAF #TKMU #BIBFW on social media once film is submitted.
  8. Photographers who wish to put together their still images as montages are eligible for submission.
  9. The physical venue might change to a bigger venue to accommodate all.
  10. One-on-one Awardee Editions, conducted online and featured on www.bol-news.com are either in English or in Hindi. 
  11. In all matters decision of #BNHAF Awards and Festival will be absolute and final.
  12. Force Majeur Clause: Due to an unforeseen outcome, #BNHAF Awards and Festival reserves the right to postpone or move the event to a digital platform if necessary.
Screening material to be submitted for screening as specified below
  1. Only .mp4 files acceptedMax file size 1 GB
  2. All films MUST BE 16:9, 4:3, or 1.9:1 aspect ratio
  3. Target bitrate 12Mbps H.264 avc1 encoding max resolution 1920x1080 / 2048x1080 / 1600x1200
  4. .jpg or .png Poster (Must be vertical portrait layout @ minimum 72DPI and 3x4 ratio)
  5. Subtitles MUST BE burnt directly onto the film