#BNHAF International Beach and Fashion Week

#BIBFW is an International Beach and Fashion Week for established
as well as upcoming models, influencers, designers, brands, stylists, photogs, etc.
#BNHAF Internatioanl Beach and Fashion Week Official Launch in Europe

#BIBFW is the one-stop hub, fashion industry needs
Case-in-point: the formal launch of #BIBFW was abuzz
with photo-shoots, model-search events, fashion-films,
awards and gifts given to Viennese models and influencers
#BIBFW is an all inclusive fashion-week for the young and the old
reason being post-25 models worldwide find, finding the assignments tough
#BIBFW gives everyone associated, the very best
Gem Mines, the principal sponsor, got specially curated photo-shoots
and digital-films featuring models that walked Vienna Fashion Week
Upcoming models also celebrated the benchmark 1-Million readership
of #BIBFW founder, Amit R Agarwal's second book published by RedGrab books
#BIBFW was set-up by Agarwal, after being invited to one of the shows
during NYFW 2023 and then a model-search camp
to speak on "The Art of Being A Winner in Life"
250 models turned up to fill 21 spots!
Highlighting the huge gap between Opportunities and Talent available
The model Agarwal was shooting with
suggested Agarwal to launch a global Fashion-Week brand

#BNHAF International Beach and Fashion Week was born!
Season 1 launch at a gala-edition at Cannes Film Festival on 24 May 24
Amit R Agarwal is sought-after Jury and Guest of Honor at International Beauty Pageants
#BIBFW showcase in Vienna
6 fashion-films unveiled featuring models from across the world
These fashion-films were made under
#HKCU Honey Kapoor Cinematic Universe
#BIBFW showcase in Vienna
Official Logo of #BIBFW displayed to the European audiences
Followed by the Official Premier of #BIBFW Pre-Season Signature-film
#BIBFW is sponsored by
long-term sponsors of #BNHAF Awards and Festival
Gem Mines, Rekha Vohra Foundation and The Pinewood