69 Opposites Attract

69 Opposites Attract did your head turn, you aren't the ONLY one
69 Opposites Attract was the biggest head-turner @ Cannes Film Festival 2010
Interestingly, 69 Opposites Attract made pf make a mark at Cannes Film Festival,
with many festival regulars, calling Amit R Agarwal the '69 Guy'
Some of the biggest labels invite Agarwal to their networking parties

This very interesting mix of buyers, film-makers, line-producers and
actors, found the narrative subtly funny and loved it's mockumentary style
"Wish we had the balls to do something like this," they exclaimed!
69 Opposites Attract is Popcorn Flicks'!
Agarwal often talks about the success story at Film Schools
" 1. When I said it will be the Longest Running Series in the World
They said, not possible!
2. When I said it will make me good money
They said, not possible!
3. When I said it will be part of Doctoral Thesis
They said, well laughed
Within 3 years from it's premier-date, December 18, 2018
 It had achieved all of the three!
Today I put on-record
A studio will make a mainstream-film on 69 Opposites Attract
This biopic will be the 1st Indian Film to win a top Academy Award
Just like 'The Disaster Artist' did with 'The Room' "
69 Opposites Attract
The Longest Running Webseries In The World
(103 years) 2018-2020-2121
Filmed as European Arthouse
Genre: Bad-Art Experimental Intimate Satire
Season Premiere Dates:
  • Prelude December 18, 2018 l Episodes, 33
  • S1 December 24, 2020 l Episodes, 15
  • S2 April 24, 2021 l Episodes, 15
  • S3 August 15, 2022 l Episodes, 15
69 Opposites Attract and Amit R Agarwal
are part of PhD dissertation
completed at Faculty of Law,
UNSW, Sydney, Australia
on 'Study of Film Censorship'
Agarwal, one of the first Intimacy-Directors in Asia-Africa
often uses 69 Opposites Attract as a case-study
in his masterclasses on cinema worldwide
launched the webseries-reboot of the feature film,
69 Opposites Attract (2010)