Honey Kapoor The Hexalogy

Honey Kapoor hexalogy cinema for cause feature film on very important issues
Mental Health Awareness. Suicide Prevention
Honey Kapoor Origins Film 1 in hexalogy won the Karmaveer Chakra Award 
instituted by iCONGO in association with the United Nations

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Dear actor, actress. model, performer - cinema is a very potent tool to change the society. While escapist fare and conventional cinema is the norm in Indian, Hollywood and any film industry in the world; few filmmakers and actors strive to explore this potent tool to create awareness around issues. Big thank you for your contribution in bringing about a positive change to the world - by addressing the biggest killer disease in the world - Mental Health.

The details of Open Casting Call for actors that freelance or are non-exclusively signed

Paid or Collab - The part is a collab
Union or Non-Union - Non-Union
  • The part is self-shot by an actor or a model on mobile
  • Actor or model can choose any convenient location - home, living room, park, office - the only thing is - dialogues should be audible
  • On an average the time taken to shoot the entire portion by an actor or a model is 3 to 4 hours
Resolution - Shot on mobile in Full HD 1920 x 1080 mode - all smartphones have this mode
Film > Usage - The cameo runs through the film, so that the actor or model gets the maximum benefit with visibility
File sending mode - Files / footage to be emailed as a wetransfer link
Nomination  #BNHAF Awards - complimentary for all actors playing integral cameo
Reference picture of few of the frames used by collaborating actors
Film Details
Film Title - Honey Kapoor l Genre - Cinema For Cause l Format - Feature Film
Honey Kapoor Hexalogy schedule
        Honey Kapoor Origins - 2021 
        Honey Kapoor YoLo - 2023
        Honey Kapoor Love Story - 2025
        Honey Kapoor perfect '10' - 2031
        Honey Kapoor Sri Sri - 2040
        Honey Kapoor Moksh - 2048 
Films Released in hexalogy
Film Plot
The film tells the story of Bollywood's superstar and only guerrilla-filmmaker Honey Kapoor. His superstardom is fast fading away. The problem is aggravated by Covid-19 pandemic that hit the film industry hard. His friends worldwide help him make a mental-health awareness feature-film so that he can sort out his mental health issues, as well as help the 7-billion+ people across the globe to help sort their mental-health issues as well.
Distribution l Focus Screenings at top Business Schools, Film Schools, worldwide

Applause after the screening @ one of the top B-schools in India l Optimal Outreach

Distribution l Conventional
  • Cinemas - Honey Kapoor Origins was screened @ Silvercity Multiplex, Dehradun at a film-festival
  • Open-Air city-square screenings in Europe 
  • OTT's
  • Pzaz Tv and Roku channels

Honey Kapoor Origins screening at Silvercity Multiplex, Dehradun during a film festival