An Actor In Cannes

An Actor In Cannes is a mix-format, film-series by Amit R Agarwal 


The idea is to help actors make a mark at Cannes Film Festival by making a film centered around them, as they attend Cannes Film Festival, so that the actor gets true value-addition.


The idea germinated when an actor, Agarwal was filming with, told that he together with his lead actress, got a team to document themselves attending Cannes. They spent few thousand euros for it.
Agarwal found many actors did so, spending up to €25,000 or more to make an impression. He decided to value-add. An Actor In Cannes series was born.

Agarwal is the founder of Popcorn Flicks and #BNHAF. Few of his notable awards are:

  • Karmaveer Chakra Award 2021 instituted by iCONGO in partnership with the United Nations
  • Lord Baden-Powell National Award 2020 
  • Best Film & Best Director Award from Subhash Ghai
An Actor In Cannes is part fact, part fiction, shot and edited in Andy Warhol like filmentary style.
Get in touch if you plan to attend Cannes Film Festival 2023. 
An Actor In Cannes can be shot as is, where is; but Agarwal would recommend 9-months prep to bring cost-effective value to the film.
The deliverables vary, depending on the budget. 
Few of these varying deliverables are listed below:
  1. Screening of film at a commercial cinema - either at a film festival or one-off show
  2. Screening of film on various OTT's
  3. Masterclass with students of a top University in India
  4. Masterclass with students of top B-Schools in India
  5. Press Conference in India 

The basic budget-package is priced at €3000 that includes the following deliverables

  1. Complete pre-production, production & post-production
  2. Filming + Editing of the film
  3. Release Copy of the film for OTT's
  4. Screening of film on one or more OTT's or online .tv networks
  5. Selective media coverage
  6. Masterclass with students of a top B-School in India