An Actor In Cannes

An Actor In Cannes
Mix-format film-franchise by multi-award winning filmmaker Amit R Agarwal

Aishwarya Rai's unparalleled success motivated many to attend Cannes Film Festival
With more than 6,000 actors at Cannes Film Festival, making a mark is very difficult 
Why spend money merely attending Cannes Film Festival
Create an indelible mark by making a feature-length film
Popcorn Flicks gives an actor or a model true value-addition

Idea germinated during Cannes Film Festival 2019
An actor told Agarwal that he and his lead actress are there with a team
They spent €12,000 to document and showcase themselves attending Cannes
Agarwal decided to value-add 'An Actor In Cannes' was born
 Part fact, part fiction, shot and edited in Andy Warhol like filmentary style
An Actor In Cannes can be shot 'ad-lib' style; but a 9-months prep can give
an actor the very best, to better their career
Deliverables vary, depending on the budget ask now
Package priced at €10000 includes the following deliverables
  1. Complete pre-production, production & post-production
  2. Filming + Editing of the film
  3. Release of the film in multiplexes and single-screen cinemas (Film Festival Screening)
  4. Release (pay-per-view and free streaming) on various OTT's
  5. Screening of the film in the USA at a public event
  6. One Free Nomination at #BNHAF Awards and Festival
  7. Feature on One-on-One Awardee Editions of #BNHAF Awards and Festival
  8. Selective media coverage
  9. Screening of the film at one of the Top Business Schools in India