About Us

popcorn flicks is India's only production-house that makes guerrilla films, other than conventional films. The guerrilla film arm of popcorn flicks is called indie n DOGMA flicks
Hollywood actress, Dominique Swain launches the webseries version of 69 Opposites Attract
Registered with India's premier film producers body; popcorn flicks, with a rich experience of almost a decade, specialize in creating path-breaking unconventional content other than the conventional content.

popcorn flicks quest for experimentation resulted in its content being exhibited over varied unconventional distribution platforms.

In 2010, indie n DOGMA flicks redefined Bollywood by making it independent in essence with 69 OPPOSITES ATTRACT, India's first film to release exclusively ONLINE on the prestigious rajshri.com and US based openfilm.com

Amit R Agarwal, award-winning filmmaker, is the COO of popcorn flicks. He is the only film-maker from India to have directed films for the second biggest film industry in the world, Nollywood.