Vision & Objective

Popcorn Flicks vision & objective is to make cinema, films & filmed content that sells, entertains and is a viable business proposition; with the potential to become box-office blockbusters. Popcorn Flicks' is successfully driving this vision & objective for it's investors and co-producers for last 15 years with films at various film festivals & film markets worldwide. The founder, Amit R Agarwal, has a 99.99% record in successfully predicting Box-Office potential of Bollywood Films after the first show itself. Case in point, Housefull 4, critics & many Box-Office experts trashed it, he was the only one to say it's a blockbuster!
Popcorn Flicks has been invited by various film-commissions across the world to film in their country. We successfully executed the 1st Indo-Kyrgyz film on the invitation of Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in India in October 2019. We have introduced many hitherto unknown destinations across the world to the Indian Film Industry, prompting Indian film-makers to shoot in the countries we shot in and give a boost to the countries economy. Agarwal, is a visionary; he envisioned in 2004 that films can be shot & released digitally. He took this pioneering initiative with 69 Opposites Attract in 2009, 2010; later emulated by many mainstream filmmakers from Bollywood. He envisioned in the article below in 2010 that with 90% of films flopping; Digital Release will be the trend in India. In 2020, it turned out to be so true.
Popcorn Flicks' guarantees 100% completion of any film project. It's a big achievement in Indian Film Industry, as stats reveal only 10% of films started every year are ever completed. For Filmed Content, this drops down to a mere 3%!
Popcorn Flicks has successfully forged creative-synergies in World Cinema; today a film, if marketed in the right manner, has an audience worldwide; this augments the business potential and forges new association and business with talent, creatives and crew, worldwide.

Future of Indian Cinema as told by Amit R Agarwal