Honey Kapoor YoLo l Advantage to CSR Funds

Corporates spend > CSR Funds every year

Corporates good work > Positive Impact on Society > Largely unknown

Honey Kapoor YoLo > Effectively fills the gap

Highlights work done by Corporates > Impact of their initiative and work on Society 

KEY > Visibility. Seamless integration. Value addition


Awards > Honey Kapoor Origins Film 1 in hexalogy won > Karmaveer Chakra Award

instituted by iCONGO in association with the United Nations

Former President of India late A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is it's Brand Ambassador

Maximum CSR funds > Spent on education, healthcare and rural development

Honey Kapoor hexalogy is made under cinema for cause on the
very important but much neglected issues of mental health awareness and suicide prevention


Honey Kapoor YoLo > Addresses all three > Brings positive impact and contribution to society


Case Study: Honey Kapoor Origins > Focus Screenings


Honey Kapoor Origins screening. Applause at one of the top business-schools in India

Popcorn Flicks ensures optimal outreach of feature films and content


Screenings involving students > Exponential reach

Demography > Most active on social media. Perfect for making things viral


> Consumers want innovation to receive communication



Case Study: Honey Kapoor Origins > Conventional Screenings

Honey Kapoor Origins screening at Silvercity Multiplex, Dehradun during a film festival

  • Theatrical - Honey Kapoor Origins was screened @ Silvercity Multiplex, Dehradun at a film-festival
  • OTT's
  • Pzaz Tv
  • Roku channels

Previous Impact Mission films successfully executed > CoVidGo l Honey Kapoor Origins

Referenced in > business schools l film schools > Masterclasses l Knowledge Series


CSR Funds > Funding Amount > INR 15 lacs*

* CSR Funds can invest more as well



CSR Funds > Deliverables

  • Opening Credits > Name listed during opening-credits under 'Thanks to'
  • End Credits > Name listed during end-credits under 'Thanks to'
  • Award and Felicitation with our partner award and festival, #BNHAF Awards and Festival for outstanding work in CSR initiative for bringing a positive change to the society  
  • Interaction with the media at the Hybrid Press-Conference of Honey Kapoor YoLo (in-person or on Zoom)
  • Invitation-passes to the entire team for the Premiere of Honey Kapoor YoLo in Delhi-NCR, India (people can also join virtually on ZOOM)
  • Invitation-passes to the entire team for the Opening Night Party of Honey Kapoor YoLo in Delhi-NCR, India

Films Released in Honey Kapoor hexalogy

Honey Kapoor Origins 10.10.2021, World Mental Health Day
Directors' Cut Honey Kapoor Origins 22.02.2022



Support Honey Kapoor YoLo with CSR Funds for a positive impact on society

Saving lives and helping people with their mental-health well-being


Honey Kapoor ~ YoLo

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Releases on October 10, 2022 - World Mental Health Day