Audience Outreach Funds for Honey Kapoor YoLo

Honey Kapoor Hexalogy is made under
very important issues of Mental health awareness. Suicide prevention.
to better the society and have a positive impact on people
Honey Kapoor Origins Film 1 in hexalogy won Karmaveer Chakra Award
instituted by iCONGO in association with the United Nations
Former President of India late A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is it's Brand Ambassador

Support Cinema For Cause
Escapist fare norm in Indian, Hollywood and any film industry
Few filmmakers and actors strive to create awareness around issues
Returns on Investment, No film can guarantee it
Honey Kapoor YoLo guarantees Positive impact on society
Dear Investor or Producer, feature films are made every year. Many do not bring any positive change to the society, reason being most of the subjects chosen by studio-execs are perceived by them to guarantee commercial viability, in spite of knowing the fact very well - there is no guarantee. Surveys reveal almost 90% films loose money, may be more

Distribution l Focus Screenings


Honey Kapoor Origins focus-screenings for optimal outreach. Applause at a top B-school in India


Distribution l Conventional

Honey Kapoor Origins screening at Silvercity Multiplex, Dehradun, India


Impact Mission films successfully executed
Film Plot Honey Kapoor YoLo Film 2 in Honey Kapoor Hexalogy continues the story of Bollywood's superstar and only guerrilla-filmmaker Honey Kapoor. His superstardom is fast fading away. The problem is aggravated by Covid-19 pandemic that hit the film industry hard. His friends worldwide help him make a mental-health awareness feature-film so that he can sort out his mental health issues, as well as help the 7-billion+ people across the globe to help sort their mental-health issues as well. 
Feature Film Details
  • Title: Honey Kapoor YoLo 
  • Runtime: 75 to 85 minutes
  • Format: Feature Film
  • Genre: Impact Mission l Cinema For Cause
  • Production Status: Principal Photography completed
  • Expected Audience Size: 1-Billion+ viewers worldwide
  • Release: October 10, 2023 l World Mental Health Day
Total Outreach Fund Amount US$500,000
  • Completed and Released Feature Film. Release will be multi-format. Conventional release. Focus screenings. Special screenings.
  • Opening Credits. Name listed during opening-credits under 'Honorary Producer'
  • End Credits. Name listed during end-credits under 'Honorary Producer'
  • Interaction with the media at the Hybrid Press-Conference of Honey Kapoor YoLo (in-person or on Zoom)
  • One-minute featured role (self-shot, remote-filmed) in Honey Kapoor YoLo (if investor or producer wants it)
  • Invitation-passes for four to the Premiere of Honey Kapoor YoLo in Delhi-NCR, India (people can also join virtually on ZOOM)
  • Invitation-passes for four  to the Opening Night Party of Honey Kapoor YoLo in Delhi-NCR, India

Bring a positive change to the world
By addressing the biggest killer disease in the world
Raising awareness on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention